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Introducing Jurassic Survival

Hey Survival Classic (now Jurassic) players!

It's been a while since we've pushed an update for Survival; and we know, the content updates have been lacking. However; today we are proud to announce the release of our brand new re brand of Survival!

To fit in with our theme across Blaze Vanilla, we have decided to rename Survival and give it a complete overhaul of it's colour scheme, ranks and features! This thread will tell you all of the details regarding this new reset and a new map!

Survival and Minecraft Release 1.16

We ultimately decided that Survival will be resetting on 1.15.2 until 1.16 is stable for servers and the plugins we run have updated and could take a few weeks to do so. In order to ensure that 1.16 is released as soon as possible on Survival, we will be conducting the following:

  • Regenerating the Nether before closing for our maintenance
  • keeping the community updated with new features until it is viable (and after - we have huge features coming on a bi-weekly basis!)
  • Taking as much community feedback as we can to improve the server and keep it updated as often as possible. We suggest joining our discord and signing up to Survival updates for frequent updates

We understand the problem with releasing just after a new version has released but we aim to update as soon as possible and will update you all as soon as possible!

Map Information, custom overworld and Dynamic map

Our Maps have been given borders, with the following sizes:

  • Overworld - 50,000 x 50,000 (25,000 from 0,0)
  • Nether - 6,250 x 6,250 (3125 from 0,0)
  • End - 10,000 x 10,000 (5,000 from 0,0)
When 1.16 is released on Survival the Nether will be resetting. DO NOT build too much in there as you will lose all progress when we update.

When we update a much larger nether world will be generated in its place

Custom Overworld

We are introducing a custom world to the survival server! Instead of the normal (boring) minecraft world it includes new structures and land formations, such as:





These biomes will give a new and exciting feel to our Survival server, want to check out the world before release? Read about our Dynamic Map

Dynamic Server Map

We are introducing a Dynamic Map on our website to allow for people to view the world, it's progress and where players are located during this map. Not only does this give you a chance to see the world before we release, but to scout out nether fortresses, end cities and much, much more! When this thread is released, our map is available from the following URL from this announcement today:


New Claiming Plugin
We have changed our claiming plugin to a new plugin with a new intuitive GUI called Lands - Previously, we were going to use Towny but due to its complexity we felt Lands would be a better option while allowing people to claim areas inside a "claim" designated to different people.

/lands help will guide you with the new plugin and claims can be viewed on the new Dynamic Map (by clicking the layers tool in the top left and selecting "Lands". This will bring many new opportunities in the future of Survival!

With the new land system, you can do a range of tools, such as: Ban Members, Land Chat (to people who are given access), Land bank, Lands Map (to ensure you are the 16 blocks away from other claims) and much much more! Each donator rank now also gets a number of different claim blocks, detailed below:

Rebrand, Donator Ranks and Block Claim amounts

With the Rebrand, we felt it is the best time to change our Donator Ranks names to Dinosaurs! The changes to these names are as follows:

  • Peasant --> Stegosaurus
  • Knight --> Triceratops
  • Baron --> Pterodactyl
  • Noble --> Raptor
  • Mayor --> T-REX
Each rank gets the following Claimblocks:

  • Member - 5 Lands - 50 Chunks per Land - 64,000 Blocks total (approx 252x252 area total)
  • Stegosaurus - 10 Lands - 50 Chunks per Land - 128,000 Blocks total (approx 357x357 area total)
  • Triceratops - 15 Lands - 50 Chunks per Land - 192,000 Blocks total (438x438 area total)
  • Pterodactyl - 20 Lands - 50 Chunks per Land - 256,000 Blocks total (505x505 area total)
  • Raptor - 25 Lands - 100 Chunks per Land - 640,000 Blocks Total (800x800 area total)
  • T-REX - 50 Lands - 200 Chunks per Land - 2,560,000 Blocks total (1600x1600 area total)

Each rank will be receiving the following Rank Perks (All ranks inherit previous ranks)

/chatcolor (&e)
/nick --> just name

/chatcolor (Yellow, gold, blue)

/rename --> no formatting
/nick --> colours
/chatcolor (lightblue)

/chatcolor (all)

/nick --> formatting

Other Changelog

  • Added more items to crates
  • Added more ways to get claimblocks and on the store
  • Added a Head Database to T-REX rank
  • Added Gunpowder to /shop
  • Changed some mob drop prices to ensure the economy is more stable
  • Added a playtime plugin to work with skyblock
  • Added Bannerboards to /warp markets and added staff rules
  • Daily rewards have been implemented
  • Donator Kits have been remade
  • Stacked Spawners and Entities have been removed, however, if the server begins to lag it will be reimplemented (lower than last time)
  • Donator homes have been fixed
  • Jobs has been implemented and fixed. Check /jobs for more info!
  • AuctionHouse has been readded with a new plugin
  • Casino has been added to the server
  • New spawn which does not require RTP!
  • Plans for bi-weekly updates have been made!
  • Added vehicles which can travel across terrain much quicker
  • Added Furniture which is a cool cosmetic feature

We have a few events planned for Survival in the next few weeks, check them out:

  • Pick a Colour - 28th June @ 2PM EST
  • Parkour - 5th July @ 2PM EST
  • Spleef - 12th July @ 2PM EST
More events will be announced on the discord, make sure you're subscribed to Survival Notifications to keep updated about new updates and events!

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