Staff Application


  • What is your IGN?
  • Deathhammer2005
  • What is your Discord?
  • Deathhammer2005#8975
  • What is your age?
  • 16
  • What is your Timezone?
  • GMT+8
  • When did you first join Blaze Gaming Vanilla servers?
  • I think 7-9 months ago
  • What server do you mostly play on Blaze Gaming Vanilla?
  • Jurassic survival but right now I will start to always play skyblock .
  • Why are you applying to be a staff member for Blaze Gaming Vanilla?
  • I really like helping people with all of their questions, when I am playing on the Skyblock I try to answer all of the questions. When I do not see any staff online I try even more my best with questions I might not have an answer for. I also work a lot with guests that have questions. I am a very helpful person and I want everyone to feel welcome on the Jurassic Survival. I am not on the server to be the best player in a specific side of the game, I play for fun and I want everyone to have fun on the server.
  • What makes you different from other applicants?
  • As mentioned before, I do have a lot of experience with helping people. This makes me work very well with all kinds of people (players and staff). Something else I also have experience in is working with a big team, this because of my work and the previous work I have had.
  • What would you do to make the server a more enjoyable experience?
  • I think it is important to ask the players what they think of the server and what they would like to see differently. This can be done via the forum or via the discord server. I would personally take a look at the rules and make some parts of the rules clearer. I experience for example a lot of people hacking in the server. I do understand that you should not be doing this, but there is not really any message showing you that you should not be doing this. I also find it very important to keep looking at the server from the players side and not just from the staff's side. You can see very different things about the server from a regular players perspective.
  • Would you like to add anything else?
  • My hobby is play computer / PS4 and basketball. I use hack client in Jurassic Survival before. I hack because I just want to be cool but now I know I'm wrong. I must work hard and help others not cheating. I know I did a lot of things wrong but now I changed I won't cheat and I promoise I will try to help others when they need help. I am sorry for being like a kid. I wish I can get accepted and help more players and staff. and I will also try to always online.

    By Deathhammer2005 (DJ_Striker1988)