Sleepyheadchef's Builder Application

IGN: Sleepyheadchef
Discord: Sleepyheadchef#5145
Time zone: Est
First Join: I originally joined over a year ago took a break and now I am back. Feb2019 I believe
Most Played: Survival
Why: I want to be a builder in specific because I love building and want to be apart of the the community I spend most of my free time with, I cant say im the best builder but I am fluent in many different forms of building and enjoy it very much
Different: What makes me different is I know many of the staff as of right now on the vanilla side of things, aswell as that I love being on the server and enjoy being a helpful part of my community. Lastly I have over 5 years of customer service skils as a waiter and I can apply my previous knowledge from work and from my vanilla Minecraft experience to help the server reach new heights.
Better experience: Hmm help others achieve there goals and help new people get the help needed I understand as builder im not quite a commands guy and I would prefer that, but I could still help "direct traffic" to the right people.
Additions: I know I have stepped on a few toes and created a few unneccesary problems but I am finally getting to a point in my life where I am happy and I can give back and need your help in doing so. All of my silly antics are done as they only create negativity. Give me a chance and I will prove my worth ten fold.


Senior Administrator
Senior Administrator
Vanilla Staff Team
Hey Sleepy, can you include some pictures of your builds?
Hello Sleepy, I hope you're safe and having a good time! It's great seeing that you wish to join the Staff team under the Builder role.

Unfortunately, for us to be able to make a solid decision we'll have to review alot more works from you. Therefore, please provide alot more pictures of different builds. I'd recommend providing us with a variety of buildings/projects of different themes and size so we can see your skills on all aspects of building talent and style.

Feel free to send me a text on Discord should you have any questions,
SteliosUGH - Head Builder


Vanilla Manager
Vanilla Staff Team
Hello sleepy, Unfortunately we have made the decision to deny your builder application. Currently we have a very strong build team and we aren't in too much need of another one.