SkyBlock suggestions utterslurper


So i got a few suggestions:
- this map nether and end gen have been massively nerfed. But now especially the 15m upgrade in the nether is Just not at all worth it. With 5 maxed out Minions u might get 1 dub of diamond blocks and half a dub of netherite overnight.
I havent reached the end yet and dont know the rates for the end gen, so i cant say for certain if it needs a buff, but if its anything like the nether it deffinately does.

- remove invis pots, right now people go to koth invis Just to knock someone and if they fail and die they just come back and try it 10 more Times. A sollution for this would either be removing invis or introducing a 5min deathban so if u die u cant get back to koth untill its already over.

- nerf the amount or the chance of getting endermite spawners from the christmass crates. Rn is top was just dominanted by people just paying a few dollars to get 5m is worth in Just endermite spawners every crate. A full crate would probs get u around 8 or 9m is worth without having to work for it whatsoever. Wich wouldnt have been that much of a problem hadnt the other ways of getting is value been nerfed so hard.

Hope this can be looked into.