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Blaze vanilla is excited to announce the release of Skyblock map 11, this release has a plethora of new features, updates and fixes for everyone to enjoy as well as some changes to core gameplay mechanics that have been in use for a long time! Skyblock S11 will be releasing on Saturday, 8th May @ 2PM EST.



Skyblock season 11 will be staying as an 8 week length map, meaning the same 7 payouts as S10. As we continue to add more content and features we feel that we can expand this time even more though bringing a better experience for everyone :)

McMMO Top has been increased to be paid out 3 times instead of twice to a total of 15$ buycraft instead of 10$

Payout Dates

  • 15/05/2021 --> Island Top Payout 1
  • 22/05/2021 --> Island Top Payout 2
  • 29/05/2021 --> Island Top Payout 3
  • 05/06/2021 --> Island Top Payout 4
  • 12/06/2021 --> Island Top Payout 5
  • 19/06/2021 --> Island Top Payout 6
  • 26/06/2021 --> Island Top Payout 7

  • 15/05/2021 --> Achievement Top Payout 1
  • 22/05/2021 --> Achievement Top Payout 2
  • 29/05/2021 --> Achievement Top Payout 3
  • 05/06/2021 --> Achievement Top Payout 4
  • 12/06/2021 --> Achievement Top Payout 5
  • 19/06/2021 --> Achievement Top Payout 6
  • 26/06/2021 --> Achievement Top Payout 7

  • 22/05/2021 --> MCMMO TOP Payout 1
  • 05/06/2021 --> MCMMO TOP Payout 2
  • 19/06/2021 --> MCMMO TOP Payout 3

Weekly Payouts
  • 1st. $45 Paypal and $35 Buycraft
  • 2nd. $25 Paypal and $15 Buycraft
  • 3rd. $10 Paypal and $10 Buycraft
  • 4th. $10 Buycraft
  • 5th. $5 Buycraft
  • Achievement Top #1. $5 Buycraft
  • Mcmmo Top #1. $5 Buycraft
Total Payouts
  • 1st. $315 Paypal and $245 Buycraft
  • 2nd. $175 Paypal and $105 Buycraft
  • 3rd. $70 Paypal and $70 Buycraft
  • 4th. $70 Buycraft
  • 5th. $35 Buycraft
  • Achievement Top #1. $35 Buycraft
  • /mctop #1. 15$ Buycraft

Total: $1135

The IS-TOP Competition will end on 26th June 2021. All Islands which set their /is setpaypal and/or their /is setdiscord automatically agree to the following rules listed here and are hereby entered for the competition:


Brand new /warp PvP and /warp PvE

We have had the same pvp and pve arena since the concept was first introduced to blaze skyblock and while it was a place to fight mobs and other players decently, we thought we would take it to a whole new level and get the whole thing remade. As you can see with the pictures below we aren't disappointed with the result and we now have a greek themed Underworld & Mount Olympus PvP arena complete with 2 brand new koths, a spawnpoint for all bosses as well as the most insane looking pegasus you've ever seen.

2021-04-28_22.33.41 (Medium).png

2021-04-28_22.37.51 (Medium).png

Though the pvp is extremely cool and will be home to many battles on blaze skyblock. I personally love the new mine for pve. The pictures below show each layer in all of it's glory, fully sporting the colours of the ore in that tier. You may notice a couple of changes that we've made to the tiering of the ores too :p

2021-05-06_15.39.00 (Medium).png

2021-05-06_15.39.47 (Medium).png

2021-04-18_23.05.14 (Medium).png

2021-04-27_20.32.48 (Medium).png

2021-04-27_20.35.37 (Medium).png

2021-04-27_20.37.24 (Medium).png

2021-04-27_20.37.46 (Medium).png

As you can see in the pictures we have decided that the first layer is going to be coal blocks, coal ore and sponges only and the nemesis layer is going to be netherite blocks and ancient debris. This will greatly increase the reward of going all the way down into the depths of the nemesis tier.

Warzone Crate



With the new PvP and PvE we thought that we should be more inclusive to everyone so decided to rename the previous KoTH crate to the brand new Warzone crate and completely redesign and revamp every single reward. This crate will be given from defeating bosses, capturing koths as well as opening envoy crates and contains items that are very useful in PvP and PvE situations.

New Envoy Crates

With the brand new PvP, Pve and warzone crate we also completely changed every envoy crate and their rewards. We felt that the rewards of the old crates were completely outdated and lacking the many features that Blaze Skyblock now offers. We have added pretty much everything that you should find while playing skyblock normally!

New Bosses

As with the other warzone related updates this reset we saw last map how much people enjoyed the manticore boss and decided to give it a friend in the warzone. Not the kind you think though. Think of the treasure goblin like a pinata. Dealing damage wont reward you with this one so be careful!


The boss rewards for the manticore has also been changed to 3x Warzone Key -> 1x Warzone key based on your damage dealt to the boss :D

Void Chests

Up until this point we have had what I think is a confusing mix of sell chests, chunk collectors and upgradeable hoppers. All providing key functionality for our players but not being the easiest to understand and sometimes not working together very well resulting in some lag. This aims to fix all of that in one go by adding Tier 1 -> Tier 5 VoidChests as well as a Chunk VoidChest. These are to replace sell chests, chunk collectors and Upgradeable hoppers all in one go. A void chest provides the following features:
- Auto Sell (on a timer that decreases with tier)
- Chunk Collection (Collects all items dropped in the same chunk as the chest)
- Whitelist and Blacklist Filters (You can choose specific items that you want to be filtered to a seperate chest or prevent certain items from going to a specific filter chest)
- Linked Filter Chest (You can link your filter to an external chest where all filtered items will go)
- Ability to purge items that cant be sold (on the same timer as selling)
- Different sized storage per tier
- Nice hologram that gives lots of information which can also be toggled off entirely
- a Booster which for now is permanently 0.8x On all chests though be prepared to find some booster vouchers somewhere in the future :)

Now we know that sell chests weren't always that easy to get yet hoppers and collectors were just in the hopper shop the whole time. Well we have replaced the upgradeable hoppers and chunk collectors in the hoppershop with a different kind of void chest called a chunk voidchest. This is a less powerful version of a normal void chest with certain features disabled. These are the features that are on a chunk voidchest:

- Chunk Collection
- Whitelist and Blacklist Filters
- Linked Filter Chest
- Purge unsellable items (on a timer)
- Double chest sized storage space
- Hologram with information

These will be available in the hoppershop for 200,000 and are a cheaper alternative to the tiered void chests with most of the same cool functionality.



Missions & Island Core

With missions becoming such a big part of Skyblock now, we thought that completing lots of missions to unlock the nether/end and then having to also complete a scroll was a bit silly. To remedy this we completely removed the nether and the end scroll. They solved problems that we already have better solutions for with missions. With this removal though we had to expand missions in some respect and make the journey slightly elongated. This means the following:
- Every mission tier apart from the introduction has 28 missions now
- Nether unlock has been moved to Tier 4 of missions (the old pvp tier)
- end unlock has been moved to tier 9 missions

In addition to this we have also tweaked some missions that were horrible and increased some missions that were way too easy.

- Climbing ladders missions increased
- Killing vexes only after the second spawner is received
- decreased fishing missions a bit
- increased eating chorus fruit mission
- oak logs in introduction can now be any tree at all
- second music disc mission replaced
- second potting plants replaced

Some missions got entirely replaced with brand new ones. Lots of the added missions are completely new too for example:

- Gaining McMMO Power levels
- Collecting Envoy Crates
- Opening Mystery Enchantment Runes
- Mining in PvE
- Gathering ExP
- Brewing potions
- Eating food
- Dealing Damage to Warzone Bosses
- Planting seeds for various farms

Other island core changes

- a few fixes with permissions
- Island Stacker permissions in /is perms :D
- 5% of the /is bank is now used in your island worth calculation


As with any new season there are a few new pets and changes to be made. The new pets are as follows:

The mimikyu and Gardevoir pets are similar to Jirachi but with a different loot pool entirely. Slightly less or more OP depending on the rarity but it allows us to give jirachi the reallly good rewards and the others some lesser but still amazing loot.

The ducklett pet spawns some allies to help fight for you :)

Pet Exp Changes:

Last season I saw plenty of people getting a pet from level 1 to 100 in a matter of a couple of hours, especially the more passive pets. We have attempted to remedy this by using a custom formula for pet exp levelling. It is a much reduced version that means your pet will gain quite a lot less exp per action. This will mean that your pets will level slower but the value of high level pets due to this will be very good and it will actually feel rewarding to finally get that speed 5 from a deoxys pet.

Because of the decrease in pet exp gained from actions, we decided to add Pet Exp Boosters. These come in the form of vouchers that you can apply which give you a personal pet exp booster for a certain amount of time.

the multipliers and times vary a lot but they are aimed to be a decent value item that you can apply to give yourself that extra boost when levelling your pets

Fund Changes

Fund has been very useful over the seasons by helping us to control the economy and slow the season down to a manageable rate for some players. This season however we saw some flaws with the system so decided to change it slightly. The new fund looks like this and contains some cool changes with the same general idea:


/is upgrades and /gkit are still on there but /fix and /enchanter have been completely removed meaning they are accessible from the first moments of the season. We felt this necessary due to all the pvp and pve updates. The amounts have been slightly decreased with is upgrade on 15mil now and /gkit on 30mil instead of 50mil.

Inbetween these original goals though there are things like Global experience and token boosts as well as even a couple of key alls! Make sure to get as many people online as possible for those at the beginning of the season as I think they are going to be completed fast :p

Island Stacker

For a while now the island stacker has been a great feature blaze has, but still lacking in some ways. This is the beginning of revamping it and adding a bunch of new things to it. We had our lovely developer phil bring it more up to date and way easier to manage behind to scenes, Not to mention less of the no holograms, less of the laginess and less of the no stacker workiness!


To add to this, the token and exp requirements for the last couple of island stacker levels has been reduced by a bit as well as the emerald block count per day increased for the last few levels. The stacker also has a neat gui where you can add and remove the desired block before adding to the stacker:


Minion Limits

Over the past couple of seasons we've tested different limits of minions and their affect on server performance as well as the economy. Last season we experimented with 10 minions per island being the maximum and definitely when it comes to miners this was too much. This season we've taken a much more friendly approach and incorporated some donator perks as well as some exclusive /ranks perks. The new limits are as follows:

Default rank limits:
- 5 Farmer
- 5 Lumberjack
- 5 Slayer
- 3 Miner
Donator Limits:
Hera - 6 Farmer, 6 Slayer, 6 Lumber
Gaia - 8 Farmer, 8 Slayer, 8 Lumber
Cronus - 10 Farmer, 10 Slayer, 10 Lumber
/Ranks Limits:
Cyclops - 4 Miner
Chimera - 5 Miner
May Monthly Crate - Star Wars

May the 4th be with you! Though it has already passed we have to get in with the star wars theme for this one. Enjoy plenty of great rewards to begin the season with some completely new items in here such as the treasure goblin spawn egg o_O



As mentioned above /ranks got some new permissions such as the miner minion limit increases. There are many other improvements too. The prices of ranks now include some Exp and Some tokens. The good part of this is that there are many, many more rewards than previously. Seeing all new permissions such as /anvil as well as the minion limits and lots of pet eggs, keys and even some brand new void chests.


This season we have switched to a brand new scoreboard that has some beautiful colours as well as lots more information.


As you can see in the image, the counters for vote party and KoTH time have been fixed completely as well as a brand new Boss Timer to show when a boss will spawn in the warzone.

If you happen to be in the PvP world when these events happen you will be given a nice alert depending on the event:




Small Changes & QOL
  • Scoreboard now correctly displays Koth capper
  • Vote party amount fixed to be 50 votes
  • Achievements gui performance improvements and cleaner pages
  • new /duel arenas
  • votes no longer randomly give raw food
  • Casino Limit raised to 10mil
  • Casino tax lowered to 5% from 20%
  • Parkour challenge added to spawn
  • removed mcmmo credits withdraw
  • manticore /rank Daily reward
  • /hshop voidchest


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