Skyblock S4 Changelog (Week 1)


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Vanilla Staff Team
Greetings Skyblock Players!

The first week of the new Skyblock season sure has been hectic, with teams fighting to complete all the island missions as quick as possible as well as a fair few relaxing, quietly confident about their ability to come out on top. While that has been going on, we have been keeping a close and watchful eye on everyone and have decided that at each weekend we will be releasing changes and possibly new features. This will not interfere with island top as it will happen after the winners are announced each week. The changes will be live from the reboot following final island top calculation for that week; there will also be a summary of all the changes and minor bug fixes pushed throughout the last week in case anyone missed them! This is what you have to look forward to after the reboot today:

  • Introduction of proper crop hoppers (allowing certain farms to be built)
  • A buff to minions such as the farmer, fisher and lumberjack
  • Increased sell price for ALL crops
  • New Tags and other Token Shop changes
  • Bug fixes, QOL and nerfs
Crop Hoppers

These have replaced the old chunk collectors in the hoppershop (/hshop). They act in a very similar way, offering the ability to pick up a type of crop in a whole chunk as soon as it is harvested. Some examples are below

Minion Changes

From what we saw, farms have made a comeback in skyblock, though they are still not where we would like them to be and we feel that farmer minions as well as fisher and lumberjack are in need of a buff! From the reboot you can enjoy increased catch rates on fish and a much larger farming area for your farmer minions (max level being 12x12x12 radius!

Shop Changes

With regard to the minion changes above, we have decided to make some changes to shop prices. The changes are as follows:

Cocoa Beans: $3.5 -> $4
Netherwart: $3.5 -> $5
Sugarcane: $5 -> $7.5
Melon: $6.5 -> $10
Pumpkin: $6.5 -> $10
Wheat: $2 -> $3.5
Brown Mushroom: $2 -> $7.5
Red Mushroom: $2 -> $7.5
Carrot: $3 -> $4
Potato: $3 -> $4
Beetroot: $3 -> $4
Kelp: $1.5 -> $5.5

New Tags & Token Shop

Other things in the tokenshop have also been changes such as some increases to prices of scrolls, inventory pets and a few other minor tweaks

Bugs QOL and Nerfs

Through the week we have seen several "META" strategies start to develop. We aren't here to stop them but we feel that it is necessary to ensure a stable rest of the season if we slightly adjust a few things. The changes are as follows

  • Sell chests now have a 20% tax
  • Double drops for certain spawners have been decreased from 2x to 1.5x
  • Legendary Scrolls have been slightly buffed in terms of rewards
  • Pigmen spawners should now stack to a max of 5 like they should
  • some nether and end generator block prices have been lowered
  • Detonate was temporarily re-enabled but is being disabled again due to constant issues and our feeling that it isn't as necessary to the server and competition as it used to be.

Thanks for an awesome week! Next week we plan to release some brand new content for you all to try out so stay tuned for that.
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