Skyblock, Payouts & EULA Compliance


Vanilla Manager
Vanilla Staff Team
Hello Blaze Skyblockers!

Blaze Skyblock has run for over 10 seasons of it's Skyblock Greek now and in that time we've learned a whole lot about the community, the player base as well as what it is to run an entertaining and fun server for everyone to enjoy. You may have noticed over the past few months that Skyblock has gradually been moving towards a much less competitive game-play style.

For us this started many months ago with the belief that especially when money is on the line it causes some less desirable behaviour in the community as well as causes not so competitive players to have less fun overall due to the toxicity of it all. The current Skyblock season is at around the halfway point now and season 11 will still run its course as planned and promised, but as for the future. Blaze will be innovating new systems for players to have fun playing the Skyblock that they love and striving to better themselves without the toxicity and without causing distress for anyone.

Blaze will cease all in-game -> real life payouts on the 26th of June 2021 which is the final step for us in terms of transitioning to a more enjoyable, casual experience with many unique and loved features that we can easily build upon; especially the already huge part that PvE plays in our game-play compared to PvP and competition.

We hope that all of you understand this decision and the thought process behind it. It has been a long journey with skyblock but I assure you we have big plans for the summer which is nearly upon us and no shortage of ideas to diversify, improve and excel in a gamemode that so many love :)

Keep an eye on for more updates regarding this and how to get involved with many many upcoming events and giveaways!