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Blaze vanilla is excited to announce the release of Skyblock map 9, with many completely reworked features and concepts that blaze is home to you are sure to enjoy the many updates we have added as well as a whole host of quality of life changes to make your experience smoother. Skyblock S9 will be releasing on Saturday, 30th January @ 2PM EST.



After another successful Island TOP Competition on Skyblock S8, we will be running another in the same fashion.

Payout Dates

  • 6/02/2021 --> Island TOP Payout 1
  • 13/02/2021 --> Island TOP Payout 2
  • 20/02/2021 --> Island TOP Payout 3
  • 27/02/2021 --> Island TOP Payout 4
  • 6/03/2021 --> Island TOP Payout 5

Weekly Payouts
  • 1st. $60 Paypal and $50 Buycraft
  • 2nd. $30 Paypal and $20 Buycraft
  • 3rd. $15 Paypal and $10 Buycraft
  • 4th. $10 Buycraft
  • 5th. $5 Buycraft
  • Achievement Top #1. $5 Buycraft
Total Payouts
  • 1st. $300 Paypal and $250 Buycraft
  • 2nd. $150 Paypal and $100 Buycraft
  • 3rd. $75 Paypal and $50 Buycraft
  • 4th. $50 Buycraft
  • 5th. $25 Buycraft
  • Achievement Top #1. $25 Buycraft

Total: $1025

The IS-TOP Competition will end on 6th March 2021. All Islands which set their /is setpaypal and/or their /is setdiscord automatically agree to the following rules listed here and are hereby entered for the competition:


Brand new Skyblock starter islands for an updated experience!

These brand new island's designed and completed by our own build team will surely set you right for the coming season, with a lovely tree house, some small islands split by beautiful bridges as well as a large japanese pagoda serving as a donator exclusive island! We hope you love the new designs this skyblock season!

Inventory Pets Rework

We absolutely adored the previous inventory pets. It was a neat idea for a slight crossover between pixel and vanilla and there were some unique and cool abilities offered. In season 9 we have turned that up to 11 offering you DOUBLE the amount of pets as last season with 22 wildly differing pokemon themed pets of all rarities and abilities ranging from Common, Uncommon, Rare and even legendary varieties. ALL of the available pets level to a max of level 100 and their abilities and benefits scale with that. For example at level 1 your pet may give you speed 1 but at level 100 this could be a whopping speed 5!

All pets in the new range are leveled through these ways:
  • Use of the pet's ability
  • PVE/PVP with the pet in your hotbar.
We plan to introduce brand new pets regularly as well as updates and balances to existing ones so we hope you enjoy. Below are some pictures!

The 4 rarities of pet egg in order: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Legendary. Hatch these to get your very own pets.

Common Pets:

Uncommon Pets:

Rare Pets:

Legendary Pets:

Achievement (/aach) Rework

Since achievements were added they have always been a really cool idea. As well as integration with island missions they provide a nice way for a little extra store credit if you grind hard enough and they can sometimes take away from the really grindy experience with some fun things to do. In season 9 we decided to finally completely rework all achievements. Removing all broken ones, making the GUI way less confusing as well as giving achievements that actually matter in the case of blaze skyblock. We also may have added some cool rewards somewhere along the way :p

When you login on release day you can be happy to see and start completing OVER 700 achievements! Theres a lot related to blaze skyblock such as pve as well as some classics such as just walking a lot; enjoy!


February Monthly Crate

As with any new month on Blaze skyblock there's a new monthly crate! This one is jam packed full of the new stuff we've added as well as the usual goodies. Be sure to get yours at

Island Missions Updates & Changes

As with every season we took a look at missions and came to the conclusion that it went really well! With little to no issues and those that did occur getting fixed very quickly it was relatively seamless. So what we did was make it 100x better. We took a lot of feedback on ways to make missions easier to complete, less painful to find out about and most importantly, we added back buttons! Take a look below at this revolutionary concept!



Though these are Big changes there is another that is sure to make everyone's lives a lot easier. Introducing your mission progress, displayed where it should be. No more annoying guis that you have no permission to in the pve mine. No more checking your progress to see if you finished. Have a look for yourself!

This bar will easily allow you to see your current mission progress and when you complete a mission it will automatically advance to the next one!

Brand new spawn parkour

if you're feeling bored and just want to chill then have fun completing the newly added spawn parkour built by our very own build team! Enjoy the challenge, no flying!!



Spawner Stack Size

With the welcome addition of our spawner crazy server we have decided to up the spawner limit from 5 per stack to 10 per stack. This should allow you to grind mobs until your heart is content!


Small Changes & QOL
  • /fund goals have been slightly decreased again
  • Missions completely moved to the custom island core
  • Mystery man, crates and missions updated with new rare pet eggs
  • new pet eggs and new tags in token shop
  • cluescroll missions have been slightly increased
  • achievement missions have been slightly increased
  • various other missions have had small number adjustments
  • big island mission factor slightly increased everywhere
  • additions to /ranks rewards
  • donors enjoy slightly more money from /daily
  • withdrawing money notes removed
  • spawner stack size increased to 10
  • a bug with spawners on your head has been fixed
  • new tags have been added to tokenshop
  • removed christmas effects & spawn
  • removed advent calendar
  • Added a nice :heart: /emoji to use in chat
  • nerfed lumberjack minion range to 13x13x13
  • increased log price back to 2.5$
  • pve masks health boost slightly decreased
  • Aphrodite mask added to tokenshop
  • Apollo mask added to tokenshop
  • daily cluescroll merged into daily present for member rank
  • [item] reintroduced
  • [inv] and [item] now go through to discord showing nice pictures if your items!
  • donators can send pictures from discord to ingame for players to see

We have a few Events running this weekend on the Network - Here they are!

SATURDAY @ 12PM EST - Ice Boat Race on survival: Rewards for ALL of vanilla
SUNDAY @ 3PM EST - geke run event - survival only

Global events will take place every 2 weeks from release and vanilla events every weekend in between on Saturday and Sundays!



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