Official Skyblock (Map 7) | NEW CORE, BOOSTERS & MORE!


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The Management team at Blaze Gaming Vanilla is excited to announce the launch of Skyblock S7. This map has been in the works since the beginning of S4 with some of the features we have planned to ensure they are implemented as smoothly as possible. Skyblock Season 7 will be releasing on Saturday, 14th November @ 2PM EST.

This thread details everything you need to know about the new Season, from our new Island Core, to economy changes. Make sure you read the entire thread!



After another successful Island TOP Competition on Skyblock S6, we will be running another in the same fashion.

Payout Dates

  • 21/11/2020 --> Island TOP Payout 1
  • 28/11/2020 --> Island TOP Payout 2
  • 5/12/2020 --> Island TOP Payout 3
  • 12/12/2020 --> Island TOP Payout 4
  • 19/12/2020 --> Island TOP Payout 5

Weekly Payouts
  • 1st. $60 Paypal and $50 Buycraft
  • 2nd. $30 Paypal and $20 Buycraft
  • 3rd. $15 Paypal and $10 Buycraft
  • 4th. $10 Buycraft
  • 5th. $5 Buycraft
  • Achievement Top #1. $5 Buycraft
Total Payouts
  • 1st. $300 Paypal and $250 Buycraft
  • 2nd. $150 Paypal and $100 Buycraft
  • 3rd. $75 Paypal and $50 Buycraft
  • 4th. $50 Buycraft
  • 5th. $25 Buycraft
  • Achievement Top #1. $25 Buycraft

Total: $1025

The IS-TOP Competition will end on 19th December 2020. All Islands which set their /is setpaypal and/or their /is setdiscord automatically agree to the following rules listed here and are hereby entered for the competition:


New Skyblock Core

Since Skyblock Season 2, we have been running the same Skyblock Core which has served us pretty well. However, it has many problems including an imperfect Island TOP calculation system and many other things annoying for us to moderate the server.

At the beginning of Season 5, we had one of our developers work on a fully-custom 1.16 Competitive Skyblock Core. Unlike any other, this one is the only one like this in existence and will not be found anywhere (as it is based off 1.8 competitive skyblock server cores). It is constructed using a library used on Factions Servers to ensure it has top-notch code and is lag free. Myself and @Terminated have made numerous revisions, tweaks and converted all of GreekSB's custom plugins which depended on our old Core to our new core. After dozens of hours we have implemented every core feature across to ensure this brings the smoothest gameplay possible.

Unfortunately, a few features were lost in this migration (block count menu per-island and crop growth multipliers) - We decided not to add these back to make the experience more enjoyable through secrecy of people's methods and to stop the Cactus Growth Rate from breaking.

Upgradeable Tools

Upgradeable Harvester Hoes and Axes have been added to Skyblock Greek as a replacement for our current system to allow for our new Sugarcane economy to be as simple as possible. After mining a certain amount of sugar cane, melon or pumpkin you have an option to then upgrade your tool for some money.

These will be obtainable through a number of ways, including:

  • Scrolls​
  • Missions​
  • Store​
  • Crates​


Boosters have been added to Blaze Skyblock! Currently, you can get Boosters for EXP, Money and Tokens (Personal, Global and Island based) allowing for a slight increase in how much you get on each sale / kill (etc).

Want to view what boosters are active? Type /boosters on Skyblock at any time and it will show your Global, Personal and Island Boosters for each of the three types listed above.

New Reactions

We have changed out our previous Chat Race plugin for a brand-new and much more stable experience which directly integrates with our new core. This has two major benefits over our previous system:

/reaction time --> See when the next reaction will be happening
/reaction top --> See the player who has the most reactions on the server

This Reactions plugin also allows us to give out a plethora of new rewards, including Island Worth in the future.

Player Vault Overhaul

We have also changed out our PV system on the server for a new experience which also integrates with our core. This PlayerVaults system is almost the same as our old one - however - It now has a gui to see all your PVs! Type /pv to see all your PVs, and the size of each one.

This also allows for us to have PlayerVaults as "pages", making it quicker and eaiser to look through all your vaults.

Economy Changes

We have made a number of changes to Skyblock Season 7s Economy. Here is a link to an updated Eco Sheet for all players to view. Any edits done between now and the release will also be noted here:


  • A new Monthly Crate has been added to the server and will appear on the store before release
  • Lumberjack Minions will now farm Nether Trees and Chorus Fruit
  • Farmer Minions now farm Netherwart
  • ALL Missions have been thoroughly tested and fixed. Stupid numbers have been edited to make more sense than previously
  • Spawner Stacking has been added back to the server (Our new Island Core allows this as it counts numbers properly)
  • MCMMO EXP Curve has been made more exponential, making it more grindy
  • Island Bank Worth has been reduced
  • Island Information is now displayed in TAB
  • PVE Mobs now drop Tokens
  • FastPlace has been nerfed
  • Dozens of small bug fixes, message inconsistencies and annoying bugs have been fixed