Official Skyblock (Map 6) | 1.16, MISSIONS & MORE!


Network Manager

Hey Greek Skyblock Players!

We're excited to announce the launch of Skyblock S6: the successor to Season 5 which will be opening on Saturday, 3rd October @ 2PM EST.

This thread will be detailing everything which has changed on Blaze Skyblock for the new map; Make sure you read the entire thread for the new information!


After another successful Island TOP Competition in season five, we will be running another in the same weekly fashion.

Payout Dates
  • 10/10/2020 --> Island TOP Payout 1
  • 17/10/2020 --> Island TOP Payout 2
  • 24/10/2020 --> Island TOP Payout 3
  • 31/10/2020 --> Island TOP Payout 4
  • 7/11/2020 --> Island TOP Payout 5
Weekly Payouts
  • 1st. $60 Paypal and $60 Buycraft
  • 2nd. $30 Paypal and $30 Buycraft
  • 3rd. $15 Paypal and $15 Buycraft
  • 4th. $10 Buycraft
  • 5th. $5 Buycraft
  • Achievement Top #1. $5 Buycraft
Total Payouts
  • 1st. $300 Paypal and $300 Buycraft
  • 2nd. $150 Paypal and $150 Buycraft
  • 3rd. $75 Paypal and $75 Buycraft
  • 4th. $50 Buycraft
  • 5th. $25 Buycraft
  • Achievement Top #1. $25 Buycraft
Total: $1,155

The IS-TOP Competition will end on 7th November 2020. All Islands which set their /is setpaypal and/or their /is setdiscord automatically agree to the following rules listed here and are hereby entered for the competition:


Goodbye 1.15, Hello 1.16.3!
Blaze Skyblock has been running 1.15.2 as it's primary version for the last two seasons with enough laggy features removed to create a lag-free experience for our players. With this, we have taken the next steps to keep up to date and move to 1.16!

1.16 comes with the addition of all nether blocks, mobs and performance increases the version is packed with. All have been implemented into the new server as much as possible!

Blaze will continue to support versions 1.8 - 1.16.3. However, to be able to complete some features it will be required to run 1.16.3 (For example, Missions requires mining some of the new "Warped" Materials.) - To increase FPS on 1.16, I suggest running Sodium (FabricMC) or Optifine

The biggest Gameplay features with 1.16 include:

  • Zombie Pigman quests, missions and spawners have changed to Piglin spawners, however, Zombified Piglins are also in some elements of the new server
  • Hoglins have been implemented as an Island Mission
  • Netherite has not been implemented as the new standard for gear.
  • Netherite Blocks have replaced Black Terracotta in the Nether Generator

This has been a huge update for us to push and we're happy to release it with Season 6.

Missions: Revamped
Our Island Missions system was originally implemented for Skyblock S4 as a concept for future seasons. After minor modifications in Season five with the sneaky polar bear spawners we are ready to unveil our final version of the missions system.

Island Missions was originally implemented as a concept rather than a finalised feature. It was coded using our current Skyblock Plugin and was less than ideal for the task we wanted it to perform.

With great work from our Developer Erwan we are bringing a revamped Missions system with all, brand-new missions to keep everyone entertained this map! When writing this, we have already surpassed the old amount of missions and have plans for dozens more!

New Custom Enchantments
Our Custom Enchantments have been overhauled to be simpler to understand and have less "repeats"

These work in the exact same as before and must be unlocked in /fund. /e has been updated with the new enchantments on release!

(This also means gkits have been given an enchantment overhaul)

Halloween Crate

It's time for another Monthly Crate! This map we will be beginning with a brand new crate as soon as the server releases with some spooky tags!


  • Our CropHopper plugin has been recoded to be more lightweight and 1.16 compatible
  • 1.16 Items have been added to /shop
  • Island Member Limit Upgrade has been removed and a new maximum island members has been set to 10
  • Alternate Account limit has been removed, however bypassing the 10 island members limit is not allowed through coop - This is to allow you guys to afk more farms but at the tradeoff of less members. This will be strongly moderated.
  • Sponges and Block chances have been increased in the PVE Mine


This maps' events schedule is as follows:

  • 2nd October @ 3pm EST: THE PURGE
    • Like the film, there will be a period of 1 HOUR where no rules will apply on Skyblock. This will be a time of complete chaos and Spawn Protection will be turned off!
  • 3rd October August @ 2PM EST: Skyblock S5 Release
  • 4th October @ 2PM EST: Pick-a-colour event
  • 10th October @ 2PM EST: Parkour Event
  • 11th October @ 2PM EST: Spleef Event
  • 17th October @ 2PM EST: Chest Hunt
  • 18th October @ 2PM EST: Anvil Drop
  • 24th October @ 2PM EST: Pick-a-colour event
  • 25th October @ 2PM EST: Parkour Event
NOTE: Events listed here which are in regular event schedules will have elevated rewards