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The moment Skyblock S3 Opened we thought "this is great, but how can we make it better?" and from that point on it was our mission to make Skyblock S4 the most enjoyable experience yet; with over six weeks of planning, custom development and hundreds of hours put in by the Blaze Vanilla team collectively, we are ready to unveil our latest offerings to you guys - based on your feedback!

Make sure to read the whole thread to not miss out on the important stuff, such as:

  • Increased Island TOP Payouts
  • New Features, including: PvP Changes, Casino changes, End release & much, much more
  • Rule changes
  • Events scheduled for next map

Please ensure you read the entire thread, as we have changed some rules listed below. For clarity, Auto clickers are no longer allowed on Skyblock and is now a bannable offence in ALL circumstances. (This includes AFK Mining, however, Alts can still be used to AFK Farms or spawners as long as it does not include autoclickers OR macros)

Skyblock Greek, Lag and Versions

Something which has been incredibly prominent on Blaze Skyblock is lag; we've had hundreds of messages of people giving their "two-cents" on how to fix lag on Skyblock Greek, that the management team is "lazy" and "can't be bothered" to fix lag, and a multitude of other things. I would like to address with Skyblock S4 the reasoning behind "lag" on Skyblock.

There is three main types of lag; Ping, TPS and hardware:
  • Ping - Where your connection to the server is not fast enough and you're not receiving responses quick enough (A lot of people will claim this is the servers' fault, when it infact isn't)
  • Hardware - Where something may take a few seconds to load in - For example, the server startup sequence taking a few moments is due to the hardware not loading it fast enough
  • TPS (Ticks Per Second) - Minecraft works on something called "Ticks" to keep time, there's 20 ticks in a second and the tick speed can slow when there is a large task happening - Such as a huge array of pistons setting off at once (Each piston takes up a % of tick, and the more % it takes up means it takes longer to execute a single tick, meaning the Ticks per second drops).

After moving to 1.13 we were experience a large drop in "Ticks Per Second" - The original plan for Skyblock S2 was to move to 1.12.2 - a much more stable version of minecraft, but due to ill-advice we were mistaken into thinking that 1.13 would have been a much better solution; we were wrong.

We had two choices; to downgrade further to 1.12.2 - something which we decided was not an option, or back to 1.15.2. It's official: Blaze Skyblock will be moving back up to 1.15.2 allowing 1.15.2 mobs and blocks to be used. While this is not 1.16 and is not the most updated, 1.16 is currently out of our scope for Skyblock due to its pending lag problems. While 1.15.2 is not as stable as 1.12.2, it is a much better solution than 1.13.

The largest lag issue for Skyblock S2 was Detonate Enchant - Rectified S3, and S3's main lag issue was Pumpkin Farms. Pumpkin/Melon/Sugarcane farms have been fixed by making them immovable with pistons and instead they must be farmed by either mining them manually or by using Farmer Minions.


After the success of last map's Island TOP Competition, we will be running higher prizes than last map and facilitating five payouts per week. We have decided to remove Grace week due to the lack of popularity.
This map will be separated into five instalments of Island TOP Payout:

Payout Dates
  • 18/07/2020 --> Island TOP Payout 1
  • 25/07/2020 --> Island TOP Payout 2
  • 1/08/2020 --> Island TOP Payout 3
  • 8/08/2020 --> Island TOP Payout 4
  • 15/08/2020 --> Island TOP Payout 5
Weekly Payouts
  • 1st. $60 Paypal and $60 Buycraft
  • 2nd. $30 Paypal and $30 Buycraft
  • 3rd. $10 Paypal and $15 Buycraft
  • 4th. $10 Buycraft
  • 5th. $5 Buycraft
  • Achievement Top #1. $5 Buycraft
Total Payouts
  • 1st. $300 Paypal $300 Buycraft
  • 2nd. $150 Paypal $150 Buycraft
  • 3rd. $50 Paypal $75 Buycraft
  • 4th. $50 Buycraft
  • 5th. $25 Buycraft
  • Achievement Top #1. $25 Buycraft
The IS-TOP Competition will end on 15th August 2020. All Islands which set their /is setpaypal and/or their /is setdiscord automatically agree to the following rules listed here and are hereby entered for the competition:


The End is Near: Introducing the End and improved Nether Islands
Based off last map, the amount of people using the nether skyrocketed compared to Season 2 and we wanted to create a new challenge. We felt that from last map, it was too easy to access the nether; with our Cluescrolls changes it is now much harder to unlock the nether. It must be unlocked using our new Island Missions (check below for more information!)
Since last map, we have buffed the generator rate in the Nether, making it significantly better than the overworld (with fortune, previously it was about the same).

Leading me on to my next point, we are now introducing The End! - We've re-introduced the End with even better generators; The end is one of the last things unlock able through our new island missions system.

BUT WAIT - There's more! We're also introducing mob drop boosts for certain spawners depending on the world. As it stands, the current mobs have different rates in other dimensions:

Endermite: 2x Multiplier in the End
Pigman: 2x Multiplier in the Nether
Iron Golem: 2x Multiplier in the Overworld
Blaze: 2x Multiplier in the Nether and 0.5x in other dimensions (half the drops)

The return of Block Stacking

For Season 3, we decided to remove Block Stacking due to its nature to make Island TOP a huge mining grind. This is not something which we wanted dominating our economy and have rectified the issue through our new Block Stacking System!
Block Stacking must be unlocked through Island Upgrades (which must first be unlocked by /fund - read down for more information!) and utilises the Bedrock Block on your island (it is no longer buried underground in your island, it is now on a smaller seperate island) - We suggest keeping this clear so you can access it easily!

Once unlocked, the amount of blocks you can place is limited on a per-block basis for: Iron, Gold, Diamond and emerald blocks. Every 24 hours you are given more block slots to add to your island level. By upgrading your Block Stacker, you can increase the amount of blocks you get on each level up. You can also buy one-time block increments on our store.

However - this does come at a cost, the Block Stacker takes a cut of your worth for storing them (this means that placing is still the best but not needed!). Check our spoiler for some other images of the system below!


Locked Block Stacker


Island Stacking GUI and Upgrade Menu

Introducing the PvE Mine

From feedback of last map we have made a PVE Mine. Once thing wrong with our PVP-Based mining system (where you could mine for sponges) was that one group called BlueManGroup dominated the scene for the entire map. To give others a chance at getting sponges, we are introducing the PvE Mine!

The PvE mine is accessible from /warp pvp and has its own entrance. It is split into six tiers with different mobs:

  • Tier 6 - No Mob - Redstone, Iron, Coal
  • Tier 5 - Cyclops - Lapis
  • Tier 4 - Dryad - Gold
  • Tier 3 - Merpeople - Diamond
  • Tier 2 - Minotaur - Emerald
  • Tier 1 - Nemesis - Emerald Ore, Emerald Blocks & Diamond Blocks (PVP ENABLED)

The lower the tier, the harder the mobs are to kill. This is due to the increased sponge rate per level (You'll get a LOT more sponges on Tier 1 compared to Tier 6)

Donator Perk Changes

We had a few new perks to give out on this map with some of the new features and noticed there was tonnes of missing perks from Donator Ranks, so we fixed it! All ranks have been given a plethora of new perks with brand new buycraft information sheets! Check them out here:


Gambling Addicts: Casino is reopening!

One thing which we didn't want to remove last map was Gambling --> Due to issues with the plugin it had to be removed until a replacement found. After (literally hours) of working on Casino we have created a brand new casino!
Our new casino is located at spawn and has the following minigames:
  • Lottery
  • Bartender
  • Coinflip
  • RPS
  • Roulette
@bradpaterson - This one was for you! :D

Introducing Monthly Crates

Every month, we will be releasing a new and unique crate to skyblock in the form of a "Monthly Crate" - These crates are SUPER OP and have all sorts of rewards inside; from cosmetics to useful loot on your journey in skyblock!

Each player is only allowed one of these crates and the same crate will not return more than once. Make sure you pick one up before the next crate comes round!

/fund - Working together to unlock core features

We've introduced a lock on some core features which everyone must work together to unlock; Everyone on the server must put money together to unlock the following features:

/gkit - $25M
/is upgrade - $50M
/fix - $100M
/enchanter - $200M

This means that to unlock /enchanter, players will need to contribute to the fund for all previous commands first. The money is not cumulative meaning to unlock /enchanter the entire server must collectively pay $200,000,000, only then can they purchase Custom Enchantments (the rest work the same)

How do you contribute to /fund? Type /fund to see the amount currently contributed to the project and /fund deposit to add to the pot. The quicker things are unlocked the quicker you guys get access to everything!

Introducing Masks and Inventory Pets

Masks and Inventory Pets are ways to enhance your PvP and Skyblock experience through a number of perks. Each Mask or inventory pet works slightly differently.

Masks are attached to your helmet and give permanent or chance-based enhancements - All Masks give you abilities while in PvP and your island and are mostly beneficial at PvP. Currently, the following masks exist:


Inventory Pets are in your inventory (duh) and can give abilities on right click or permanently. Currently, the following Inventory Pets exist with their abilities (yes, they're pokemon :3):


Weekly Questing, Mystery Man, Island Missions and Achievements!

We're introducing a few new ways to progress through skyblock in the means listed above. We've given some details on this already and we're ready to unveil all of it! Each system is slightly different which we'll go through here:

Weekly Questing and Mystery Man

Each week you are given a number of quests dependent on your rank and can range from easy to hard. Upon completion, you are given a Blaze Shard - a new sub-economy which can be used to trade with the mystery man for rewards. Shards will stay for the entire map and can be stored, sold or traded. The Mystery man appears at spawn for a limited time with rare items which can be purchased. He only appears for a short while before disappearing again. Quests re-roll every week for new and exciting quests to earn shards with!

Some donator ranks have access to reroll quests each week. They are listed on the rank perks in the above sections



Achievements are long-term goals; over 400 of these achievements have been implemented into the server with different categories. For example: Items Enchanted, Items Eaten, Arrows shot and lots, lots more. These achievements all have rewards and are designed to be challenging. At the end of the map we will be looking at the top Achievers and adding more based on how far people have got.

On the right is the current categories for our achievements, this will expand and take shape based on community feedback so ensure you make a suggestion on the forums if you feel anything should be added.

Some of the more astute among you may notice that in the payouts section there was a call out for achievements. You heard it here first, the achievements have leader boards and the top of that leader board weekly will receive 5$ store voucher, hooray!

Island Missions

Island Missions is our primary questing system which you must follow in order to unlock certain features such as the nether and end. These Missions must be completed in order, beginning with the start of making an island, and later progressing onto farming mobs and taking part in PvP events.

Introducing GKITS

We are implementing GKits onto Skyblock! In addition with our new Custom Enchants plugin, we have finally decided to add Gkits to our store and in-game in the form of Gems. These Gkits can be levelled up to give greater enchantments! Currently, we have the following three GKITS:



  • Token Pouches have been added to the server as a possible reward and to our store
  • Autoclicking is now banned on Skyblock in ALL CIRCUMSTANCES If caught you will be disqualified from Island TOP
  • Fastplace has been added to donator ranks and in /ranks (place more than one block at once)
  • Hopper Tiers have been removed and replaced with an upgrade-able hopper system - They are now more expensive, but are better than previously when maxed out!
  • Chunk Collectors have been added to the server
  • Entity Clearing has been reconfigured
  • Auctionhouse has been changed to a newer plugin with a new auctionhouse at spawn!
  • Island Worth discrepancies have been fixed
  • Tokens no longer drop from Hostile Mobs
  • Bounties NPC has been fixed at /warp pvp
  • Golden Apple Cooldown has been implemented
  • Chat Rewards have been made better, with more games such as unscramble and trivia
  • New /chatcolor plugin has been implemented for donators
  • Tier 5 Sellchest has been added to our store and crates
  • Spawners have been re-ordered in /shop
  • Casino has been remade, with new games such as Wheel at /warp casino
  • Banknotes have been reimplemented
  • /help GUI has been remade
  • Foodfarm has been added to spawn
  • 1.8 PvP has been implemented into the server to give a more classic "feel"
  • Marriage has been removed from the server
  • [item] vouches have been made unobtainable from the server
  • McMMO Credits have became rarer on the server
  • Tokens have became harder to obtain
  • Cluescrolls have became rarer and rewards have been buffed
  • Crates have been renamed for a more "Greek" style
  • SellChests have been recoded to stop the holograms issue
  • Daily rewards have been recoded
  • Island Upgrades now have more tiers with "inter-medium" levels, such as 1.5x or 2.5x
  • /enderchest has been fixed
  • Our Custom Enchantments plugin has been changed to prevent lag issues with enchants such as detonate
  • Farming Objects now show in /is top
  • Airdrops have been renamed to Envoys
  • /warps has been fixed
  • Server has been given a fresh coat of paint - It now has a blue theme!
  • Island Level has been removed from the server completely - only Island Worth is shown across Skyblock
  • KoTH Keys have been fixed
  • Hippocampus Kit has been edited
  • XP and money has been removed from /trade to prevent duplication glitches
  • /ranks has been given new rewards and made slightly more expensive
  • Crate Armour and Weapon kits have been remade
  • Nether Generator costs have been made more expensive
  • Spawner Limit Island Upgrade has been implemented
  • PvP Merchant has been added at /warp pvp
  • Potions Shop has been added in /shop
  • Lucky Voting rewards has been added
  • PvP/PVE mining now drops ingots instead of ores
  • PvP/PVE mining now accounts for fortune (including on blocks)
  • has been updated with new packages and deals
  • Holograms at spawn have been fixed
  • Golden Apples have been made rarer
  • Daily Cluescrolls have been added
  • More /kits have been added to /ranks

Please note, there has literally been hundreds of tweaks, changes and new features added which weren't recorded - Unfortunately, we were unable to record every single change we had due to the sheer volume (I tried my best, but missed quite a few) but they will be noticeable around the server over time.


Following this announcement, we will be hosting a series of events in the coming days. This is the schedule:
  • 9th July @ 3pm EST: THE PURGE
    • Like the film, there will be a period of 1 HOUR where no rules will apply on Skyblock. This will be a time of complete chaos and Spawn Protection will be turned off!
  • 11rd July @ 2PM EST: Skyblock S4 Release
  • 12th July @ 2PM EST: Pick-a-colour Event
  • 18th July @ 2PM EST: Parkour Event
  • 19th July @ 2PM EST: Spleef Event
  • 25th July @ 2PM EST: Anvil Drop
  • 26th July @ 2PM EST: Chest Hunt Event
  • 1st August @ 2PM EST: Key All @ 2PM EST
  • 2nd August @ 2PM EST: Drop Party

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