Skyblock Greek pve mine :)


the pve mine is next to useless even if your just there to mine its just not worth it and much better to mine on island or set up mining minions and for cluescrolls which is what a lot of players do you have to kill nemesis/minataur and so on and with their just floating and being able to hit further than the player can reach and the durability damage they do it is very un rewarding for players to try to farm them, maybe change the mobs to be more like dungeon realms or cosmic sky adventure mobs where they do more damage but cant hit that far and make it more like an actual mob with movement physics and maybe give them a cash reward when killed like 100-200 for t1 300-400 t2 500-600 t3 700-800 t4 900-1000 t5 1100-1200 and then nemesis could be 2k per but have more health and maybe move slower and do a little more damage while doing less durability damage so its worth for people to just farm or do their cluescrolls and can make it a new way to get money and grind on skyblock (or ignore all that and just nerf them more so i can do my cluescroll but id much rather be able to farm nemesis for $$)


Vanilla Manager
Vanilla Staff Team
- Damage and durability damage are linked together so we cant as of right now make them do a lot of damage without that
- PVE mobs already give tokens as a reward for killing each one
- There's other rewards from doing achievements related to pve also such as money and gkits and other items
- I can understand the range thing but that only applies to Mino and Nemesis. We're always looking to improve that.
- Mining sponges in the pve mine is still a decent way of making money by selling said sponges to other players
- The blocks you mine are decently profitable especially if you're relatively new mining gold there. Obviously its never going to be a main source of money though as the other rewards such as progressing with missions, scrolls, achievements and getting tokens are the main rewards.

- In the future we will move to adding more drops for pve mobs but we're never going to add a hard currency amount for killing them.
- They've already been nerfed to manageable levels as of this season


managable levels? nemesis do like 30 durability per hit plus a few hearts (their damage is fine but the durability is annoying) and they can all hit you from over 5 blocks away