Official JURASSIC (Map 3) - 20TH MARCH 2021


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Today we're proud to announce our newest Jurassic Survival Map which will be releasing the 20th of March. This comes with a number of economy changes, a new spawn and many improvements over the previous map!

Why are you resetting? We love the current map.

Jurassic last reset on the 27th June 2020 - Almost ten months ago! That's ten months of playing on the same world. Not only does it get boring playing on the same world for so long, but the economy of Survival is destroyed beyond repair. We believe that this was enough to warrant a reset on its own, however we also have to consider 1.17's release. We previously said that our next reset would be on 1.17's release, but with the last reset being 10 months ago and with 1.17 looking to be viable to run on servers in a minimum of 6-7 months, we have decided in the end to cut the map short to run a proper 1.16.5 map for 6-7 months.

There is also a more technical side of things when it comes to Survival, which I have left in a spoiler below for anybody interested:

There is also a plethora of other reasons for this reset from a Development point of view: the three main ones being Entities, Codebases and 1.17 - which I will be going over briefly in this spoiler.

Survival was not developed by Myself and the current Development team. Even when we reset back in June, it still used a proportionally large amount of the old codebase (minus a few things physically blocking new features) which we have phased out over time (for example, old Crate Keys was not written by us, so it was re-written a few months ago to phase them out). However, this comes with many complications with having to support older infrastructure and newer infrastructure simultaneously, which as a team we cannot handle. While Skyblock has had the old infrastructure phased out completely - being replaced with a brand new custom core built for our needs, Survival has remained on the same base which existed in March last year and has been stuck on that.

Another issue with the current Survival setup is it was written for 1.15.2 - while it has mostly been updated there are some developmental gaps which are now being filled with this reset. The World (which is around about 150GB in size) caused us huge issues when moving to 1.16.1, and we then had a corruption scare (which would've resulted in over a days downtime) when moving to 1.16.5 earlier in the year for better optimizations. This reset means 1.15.2 code no longer exists, and the server is completely ready for a 1.16.5 map. With this, we have implemented "BlazeCommons" (which is already on Survival, just to a lesser extent) which houses a lot of our code in one plugin rather than multiple (Survivals new Map now has decreased in plugin count by around 20).

However, our largest issue in regards to Survival is Entities and Spawners. This map has primarily had a Spawner Economy which has caused us a massive amount of issues.

Spawners (and Stacked Spawners) have caused a huge amount of problems on the server in recent times. At 50 players, almost 70% of the things going on around Survival are surrounding huge Spawner farms on the server, and it got to the point where the server was hitting very low TPS (Ticks Per Second). This map, we have almost completely removed spawners for a fresh new economy and also a much less laggier experience. The issue with Entities causing 70% is that it leaves no room for anything else on the "Thread" to take place, and if we compare it to Skyblock Greek, which at 50 players has always had 20TPS, Survival has approximately a 57x higher Entity usage per tick than Skyblock.


(This here is a graph of the Servers' TPS over the last two months, and even with substantial amounts of mob optimizations in custom server implementations, it is now impossible to get the server to run any smoother, or even handle more than 50 players.)

We attempted to fix this by using the same Entity Stacking and Spawner stacking plugin as we do on Skyblock. However, due to the codebase on Survival being outdated and not able to support our newer systems, we reverted very quickly due to the system not working and being unimplementable without significant reworks.

This new map will allow us to not only allow Observer redstone clocks again, but also a dramatic decrease in MSPT and other issues on the server meaning we will be able to support over 50 players (and almost certainly 100+) without any lag on the server!

World Information

Overworld - 30,000 x 30,000
Nether - 15,000 x 15,000
End - 7,500 x 7,500

The world has decreased in size slightly, however, based off the last map 50,000 x 50,000 was way too big as very little was actually utilised!

This map will not be featuring Custom World Generation. We're using the Default Minecraft Terrain for this map.


Introducing Achievements

Currently, Skyblock utilises an implementation of Achievements as a larger scale set of rewards and quests on the server. Achievements have been written for this Survival Map for long-term goals - a replacement for our old questing system removed in January.

Achievements can be accessed via /achievements and a leaderboard for the most achievements completed is available at /achievements top.


New Spawn
We have had a brand-new Spawn created for our new season of Survival, boasting everything the old spawn had, in better locations, and more! We have implemented both a Food Farm and a Parkour Course Leaderboard into the new spawn.


We have made a multitude of changes to the economy for the beginning of this map, focusing on a more grindy, player-based economy. If we was to list every change, this thread would be so huge, so we will outline a few of the main ones!
  • Most ores are now unbuyable from /shop
  • Some mob drops have been made unpurchaseable from /shop
  • Spawners have been removed from a lot of areas of the server to increase rarity

Other changes

  • Cluescrolls, Jobs, Mobcoins, and Crates have been altered to cater for our new Economy
  • Store has been given a slight overhaul, with more coming soon
  • Harvester Hoes are now working again
  • Daily Rewards have returned to the server
  • Sugarcane Piston Farming has been disabled
  • Nametags above heads have been fixed (forever)
  • Users can now be on more than 25 claims
  • RandomTP has been adjusted to a 1,000 x 1,000 area from spawn
  • Mob Stacking has been removed from Survival
  • /rankup plugin has been rewritten and EXP and Mobcoins have been added as required currencies.
  • New Auction House! This is the design from Skyblock Greek and has a more "bidding style"
  • SellWands have been rewritten
  • Mob Arena has been temporarily removed from the server whilst we rewrite it
  • Dozens of tiny Bug Fixes and Server Optimizations to enhance gameplay.
  • Added support for RGB Colours into our cores (You'll start seeing this pop up soon :D)
More than ever we suggest using 1.16.5 for Gameplay on Blaze Survival. In the near future, we will be looking to completely remove support for versions less than 1.16.5 as it limits our ability to implement custom features drastically.

If you would like to take a schematic of your base, please do so before Friday 19th March as we will be closing the server in order to prepare for the reset. We have a lot of data to clear. We will not be able to take schematics after the fact for you.

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