Greetings Pokeplayers!

Our team over at Blaze Pixelmon have been working at a lightning speed to get our December 2020 Wipe ready for all to enjoy. With everyone on the team chipping in from initial ideas back in July to the finished product now in December, dozens of people have been working hard on this new era of Blaze Pixelmon.

This thread has a lot of content in it regarding our other servers, Terra and Storm, and what is happening to those respectively. Stay tuned for all the newest stuff coming to Blaze Pixelmon!

The Future of Terra and Storm

The Management Team has decided to remove Terra and Storm from Blaze permanently to allow us to give more focus to our Inferno and Aqua realms. This will mean that more updates can concisely take place on each server on a more regular basis and allow us to provide better content in general. After the rapid expansion needed due to the initial (almost) global Lockdown we no longer need four servers operating simultaneously to handle our player count. At this current point we have no plans to open new pixelmon realms unless there is a sudden surge in players.

Donator Ranks will be transferred to Inferno and Aqua as follows:

  • Terra Ranks --> Inferno
  • Storm Ranks --> Aqua
Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of ranks which are being merged we will not be giving the opportunity to choose which server your rank goes to. Please only open tickets on our discord if your rank is missing.

Some Examples where tickets will be needed:
  • If you have ranks on both servers you will need to open a ticket and have a rank upgrade added for the difference.
  • If you have Supreme on both "Terra" and "Inferno" we will need to manually apply Supreme on Aqua
  • If you have Supreme on "Terra" and "Inferno" and "Aqua" you will receive the difference in store credit
  • If you have Supreme on "Terra" and "Inferno" and "Aqua" and "Storm" you will receive the equivalent of two Supreme ranks in store credit

We'd like to thank the Terra and Storm communities for their continued support over the last ~270 days of the servers existing. We hope you enjoy the more frequent updates which you've missed out on since Inferno and Aqua last reset!



Inferno and Aqua will be releasing on Friday, 18th December @ 3PM EST.

For us to be able to have enough time to merge our infrastructures of servers together both Terra and Storm will be closing at 5PM EST on Thursday 17th December. We will be hosting numerous "drop parties" and legend giveaways on the leadup to the release after this thread has been posted on all four of our realms.

  • Playerworld - 30,000 x 30,000
  • Nether - 10,000 x 10,000
  • End - 5,000 x 5,000
  • Ultraspace - 7,500 x 7,500


We have a TON of new features coming with this reset, make sure to read this entire section to know whats new to Blaze Pixelmon!


Blaze Pixelmon is proud to introduce the brand new Clan Island and a bunch of new features and bug fixes. Our Clan Island was teased back in October during the release of Pixelmon 8.1! Lets get straight into the Clan Changes:

  • 18 brand-new gyms - each one is named after a different pokemon type
  • 3 brand new Gym Tiers - these define the rewards structures for the gyms and which level you compete at
  • /clan info is now /clan info [clan]
  • /clan info now shows Clan information and formation date
  • Reward messages only show to those who receive them
  • /clan control is now split into tiers
  • /clan control now shows Gym held time
  • /clan disband has been introduced and must be re-ran three times in order to work
  • Gyms that are taken by a Clan with invalid teams now puts the Gym back in control of the previous owner
  • Fixed gyms not setting up teams properly when a clan takes over
  • Gyms becoming unclaimed now also rerolls the teams
  • Gym teams can no longer have 0 pokemon
  • Gym defence teams now obey the rules
  • /ignore now works on Clan chat messages
  • Introduced /clan invites - View a list of the invites sent out by the clan
  • Fixed /clan kick for offline members
  • Demote and kick no longer require the member to be online
  • When a leader leaves their own Clan it is not automatically disbanded
  • /clan info now shows information on tier
  • /clan tax now shows all tax information
  • /clan rewards - shows all potential rewards from current held gyms
  • /clan settier - Allows the leader to set the tier of their Clan (default: 3)
  • If a clan changes tier after their first time, it costs money and bans teporarily
  • Ultra beasts and Zerora are now banned from all Clan battles
  • Many bug fixes, including /endbattle and countless other


Blaze Galaxy Pack.png


The Blaze Galaxy Resource Pack has been created by @Devilette and features over 30 custom-skinned Pokemon including Vaporeon, Eevee, Piplup and many more! Over time this resource pack will receive more and more pokemon added to it!

How do you get the resource pack? Upon login, you will be prompted to download and install the resource pack! Make sure you have the setting enabled on your server list (Click Blaze Gaming --> Edit --> the checkbox at the bottom should be set to enabled)!

And thats it! Thanks to the art team for their hard work on this project.



  • STS has been removed from all servers and will be re-introduced in the future when it can be useful in our economies
  • LegendaryDefender has been added
  • Added BiomeRTP - Teleport randomly to a specific biome!
  • Crate Falls occur more often
  • PokeDEX rewards have been revamped
  • Pokemon will no longer spawn (ironically) at spawn
  • Gen 8 Move Tutors have been added
  • Gen 8 Learn Sets have been fixed
  • Added Galarian TM Shopkeeper
  • Tabs have been updated to match the rest of the network
  • Numerous parts of the chat, holograms and design of the servers' have been updated to be cleaner

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