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Today the management team is ready to unveil the newest chapter of our Pixelmon servers. On July 4th, 2020 we will be officially resetting Inferno and Aqua. What does this mean for the players of Inferno and Aqua? All progress including Pokemon, Pokedex, economy and builds will be reset. However, donor ranks will remain coming into the new reset. Some of you may be wondering why Terra and Storm will remain the same. This is mainly because these servers are rather new. However, we will be implementing many new features and changes. Make sure to keep reading for all the important info, this one is a long one!

These changes only apply for the Inferno and Aqua servers unless specifically mentioned.


New Features:

Alongside these reset, we will be implementing many new and improved feature including:
  • Brand New Spawn
  • Event Island
  • Dynamic Map
Brand New Spawns:
Having the same Spawn areas on each server for a long time has made us think of ways to make each individual server stand out for itself. With this in mind, each server will receive a unique and customized spawn.



Event Island:
With the vast amount of events taking place across our servers, we’ve decided to bring all these events to one place! You can explore the island to find yourself battling Pokemon and trainers, visiting the different events we have to offer and you might even come across some of Pokemon's infamous champions.


Dynamic Map:
We are introducing a Dynamic Map on our website to allow for people to view the world, it's progress and where players are located during this map. Not only does this give you a chance to see the world before release, but also to scout out nether fortresses, end cities and much, much more! When this thread is released, our map is available from the following URL from this announcement today:

Inferno Map:
Aqua Map:


Economic Changes:
With this coming reset, we’ve decided to completely overhaul the economy across all FOUR servers. What this means is, starting 4th of July, there will be new and improved money making methods providing a more balanced gameplay experience.

With these new economic changes in mind, the current pricelist will no longer be enforced. The pricelist is now simply a reference for players to use. In prior resets, the price list was strictly reinforced. Many have voiced their concerns with the current position of the pricelist and with that in mind, we will be introducing the STS (Server Trade System). Read more about it below.

STS (Server Trade System):
Our new STS system will bring a new dynamic of money making to the table. The STS is a system that will value Pokemon based on its merits. Each merit will hold different values depending on the Pokemon. For example, IVs will have a more significant impact on the price when compared to levels. These merits include:
  • Shiny
  • IVs
  • EVs
  • HA (Hidden Ability)
The STS, alongside the GTS will provide players with a reliable and stable method to sell Pokemon to either the players or the server.

Ore mining:
Everyone's favorite money making method is back! There will be some changes and fine tuning to this money making method. In the past, money making methods have been limited to breeding and pokeball selling. With the reintroduction of ore mining, we provide players with another stable money making method alongside the STS.
Ore Mining does not function when a tool has the Silk Touch Enchantment

Rewards for killing/capturing Pokemon:

Capturing Pokemon > 220
Defeating Pokemon > 80


Other Changes:
Along with these new features and economic changes, we will be implementing many other changes such as:
  • World Changes
  • Crate Rework
World Changes (Playerworld, Nether, Ultraspace and the End):
This reset brings new world changes.
  • Playerworld - 30,000 x 30,000
  • Nether - 10,000 x 10,000
  • End - 5,000 x 5,000
  • Ultraspace - 7,500 x 7,500
Let’s start with the playerworld. The playerworld will now be 30,000 blocks for you and your friends to build and explore! In addition to this, we have enabled the Nether and End dimension. Those who are looking to explore the fiery biome can craft their own portal and find the unique Pokemon associated with the Nether. Alongside the Nether, you will now be able to explore the End. Of course, we have not overlooked the Ultra Space Dimension. This dimension will hold a stretch of 7,500 blocks for you to explore and catch Ultra Beasts.

The end and nether dimensions will also be added to Storm and Terra in the near future - this will be announced in discord when it has been added


Crate Rework:
Crates have also been reworked. See below for all the changes:
Omni Crate:
  • All UBs will be removed from the crate
Plasma Crate:
  • You now have the chance to get two plasma keys
  • You now have the chance to get 1 omni key
  • Also removes UBs
Laser Crate:
  • Added growth mod
  • Added nature mod
  • You can now get 150 - 200 tokens upon PokeBuilder Reintroduction
  • Added Rainbow wing
Chrome Crate:
  • Added Z crystals

  • Brand new spawn for Inferno and Aqua
  • Event Island on ALL four servers
  • Dynamic map
  • Pricelist will no longer be enforced
  • Addition of STS (Server Selling System)
  • Ore mining
  • Increased rewards for killing and capturing Pokemon
  • World changes
  • Crate rework
  • Updated clan rewards
  • Reworked vote crate rewards

25% Market Release Sale
To celebrate the reset for Inferno and Aqua, there will be a 25% off sale. These sales are rare, so be sure to pick something up for yourself or a friend! Please note that any purchases made in the last 30 days will be brought onto the new servers.
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