Pixelmon HaunterDoesMc's Ban Appeal


What Server Were You Banned From?

Is This Your First Time Being Banned? If Not, How Many Times?
Yes, this is my first time being banned

Who Banned You, And For How Long?
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Why Should We Un-ban You?

Well, first, the reason I was banned was that people in chat (on the inferno server) were talking about how someone should push up their rank (Ex: someone was talking about how they should go from gold to diamond, ext.). So trying to be funny, I said something along the lines of "Someone should choke me, and then finish the job by ending it" (might not be exact but I'm 99.9% sure). At the time, I had not looked at any of the server rules and wasn't aware that this kind of thing wasn't allowed (Granted, its still myself for not looking when I first joined) But I promise if you do decide to unban me that you will NEVER hear anything like that, or anything the break the rules, coming from me ever again!
Now for the reason you should unban me, or reason's I feel like I should be unbanned I should say. I am an extremally helpful person, I don't have proof of this part, but I have helped at least 2 people, 1 evolving the feebas to milotic, and 1 evolving their haunter into a gengar, both returned back. What i do have proof for is that i have helped my 2 friends that I play on the server with a lot. (see the two picturer's in evidence)
I don't know if you can it see on the server, but if you look around *username: " Moxye " 's house, you can see (hopefully) the appricot/appricorn farm I've built for him , john and I. Following the path down the woods there is a huge flat area, which I was trying to make a small town for a bunch of people to possibly use one day and make their home base there. I was also making a form's lab that would help explain the different form the pokemon have for the younger player's who might not know they exist yet.
I do also apologies for making this forum so long, I just really enjoy the server and playing with my friends. Anyway, I'll quit babbling and let you/you guys decide on my fate with the server.

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(Evidence that shows I do help people, and give them the link to the website i always use when playing on the server, so it would help them as well.)
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(Another piece of evidence that shows me being helpful. My friend Moxye, or "Shaggy" was having trouble finding diamonds, so when I discovered the Ore sense ability, I had to share)