Declined Fyn Drako's Application


1. My IGN - FynDrako

2. Discord Contact - leighton#4383

3. Well I would first tell them that they're arguing in minecraft, but in all honesty, I would tell them if they would want to argue they can take it some place else because we should know that we don't want toxicity in an area where we can all be friends instead of becoming enemies. And if they can't listen and is causing a disruption then, whatever happens next is the call.

4. Well I also have been kicked for profanity use but if I did end up on staff I would most likely become way more mature, but if someone else is using profanity and isn't listening, I would maybe, if I was able too, mute them for a temporary time or nicely ask them to stop using profound language and if they can't listen then they have to put it up with the upper class staff.

5. If someone was causing a major problem on the server which I have seen before, you would usually want to talk it out or calm them down instead of using certain staff powers. I would make sure that we all are on the same page so we can connect easier and become friendly towards one another. We wouldn't want anything like this to happen between others because then everyone else usually gets involved and it becomes havoc. We just need to always be helpful towards others and nothing can go wrong.

6. Well for starters, I just graduated high school, so there's no worries about that kind of school and when I do college, I would only have 3 days of the week for college days, so that leaves 4 days for me to possibly be on. And I can do math. HA jokes. But mostly I am charitable, I am kind, I might swear off and on, but I will always be helpful. I might not be the most intelligent when it comes to Pokemon, but I am for sure learning. And if I don't know the answer, we always have each other as a server to help each other out.

7. Well ever since I started, which was about maybe last week for 2 weeks ago, I have played non-stop and I'm honestly glad because this community has been helpful and kind and I couldn't ask for a better one. I have never came into problems, only problem is that my breeding is always trash. But mostly I have been on daily and I haven't regretted it.

8. Pacific Time Zone, I am in California, USA.

9. I have played on Blaze for maybe a month now and I am starting to get the hang of pixelmon but I have watched others play it before, I still don't understand certain things but like I said, I'm still learning, we all have them baby steps and I'm working my way up there.

10. I like memes ;D

11. Thunder, because I don't have times for others, but obviously if I have to help others I will.