DapperLove's Staff Application

In Game name: DapperLove

Discord name: DapperLove#5656

1. To answer the question of if two players are arguing and disrupting the peace I would first private message both of them letting each one know that I am here to hear both sides out evenly and for them to stop fighting in public chat so that way they wouldn't be disrupting the server as much. Secondly I would hear out both sides and make an unbiased solution to try and make both parties satisfied so they can both move on.

2. If a player is trying to bypass the profanity filter, I would ask them to stop in a direct message. If they continue to keep trying I would be more stern about and warn them that if they keep it up they could be muted and or kick. If after a couple warnings and they keep trying I would mute them.

3. If someone was being disruptive and insulting another player I would send them a direct message to see what is going on and see if I could find a solution. If it continues I would give them a warning. After the Direct messages and warning, if they continue I would mute them for the appropriate time.

4. Why would you choose me over other players? I would say I bring experience with me. In high school I worked for a special needs community, this job taught me how to be patient, understanding, and see different people's views. Secondly I have my bachelor's in Psychology. This helps me understand why people are acting in different ways and allows me to try and help them better. lastly I am a father irl. I would want a safe and loving server that one day my own children could play in and I would strive to achieve that here.

5. On Average I would say I play at least 5 hrs a day if not more. So roughly around 35hrs a week.

6. I am playing on the West Coast Time Zone.

7. I know a quite a lot of pixelmon. I've been playing it ever since it was released. I know how competitive pokemon work, Farming for pokeballs, making different lands to spawn different pokemons, ivs, and evs.

8. Additional Information I would like to share is, I play pokemon outside of pixelmon on a competitive level going to regionals and worlds. This lets me help people who need team building adivce, and help learning competitive pokemon for those who want to learn. I always see a lot of people when battling that don't know type match ups and I feel like having a mod or an admin who could help those players out that have the knowledge would be amazing.

9. I mainly play on Aqua, but I am more then happy to play on inferno too and help out more there wherever its needed.

10, I am 21 years old.

Section B:

1. In the situation given. I would privately message each player and ask them to stop fighting in public chat. Secondly I would ask them both what the issue is. I would Resolve the issue with the pokemon and make sure that both players are okay. I would also mention to them both that arguing in a public chat and calling each other names is not appropriate in the game.

2. If I was helping a player and another helper tells me how to do my job, I would first thank them for trying to step in and give advice, then after I have helped that player I would have a private conversation to that other helper and ask them why I was doing it wrong so I could get a better understanding or if it was just miscommunication.

3. If a mod was misusing their power I would contact an admin or higher and let them know the situation going on providing them with proof of the misusing of power.

4. I would contact player B privately and ask them to stop, at the same time I would also contact an admin and let them know of the situation. I would then check on player A and make sure that they are okay. If they are doing okay and are well I would also ask them to send ss of the harassment, so there would be evidence at hand if we would have to take harsher actions onto player B