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Blaze-Gaming : Revamped

To all current and future Blaze Gaming players, we have decided to reset the Blaze Gaming Pixelmon servers. With this very thought-out reset, we are going to introduce tons of new Economical changes, Plugin Additions & Updates, and many many more tweaks and bug fixes. We've come to this decision by heavily evaluating the current state of the servers and came to the conclusion that something needed to be done about it. For this Christmas and the MANY months to come, we want our servers to last economically and be a fair playground for all players. We have done our best to get rid of all the shitty dupes, exploits and glitches that almost immediately ruined our servers during our last reset. We hope to greatly make it up to everyone this time, as we have poured our hours the last couple of weeks into re-designing a lot of the Blaze Gaming Pixelmon Servers foundation, while also not stripping our characteristics. Below is our change-log for this upcoming wipe.

Removed all major sources of income from mining. Including but not limited to:
• Coal Ore, Coal, Fossils and other Ores not in this list.

Introduced a new source of income :
• Defeat Pokemon, Trainers, or Capture Pokemon, and be awarded for your grind!

• Level up the amount of coins you can get through the VoteShop! Double, Triple, or even Quadruple your earnings! Vote daily to receive vote points and work towards this pay upgrade!

• Voting reward has been increased to
$2000 coins per vote.

• Clan Gym rewards have been nerfed so that no one can accumulate ridiculous sums of rewards from farming the gyms.

Shiny Starters are no more! They've been made into normal starters and we will soon be removing this from our features page. We want shinies to be valuable again!

• Kits have been tweaked to give out less Rare Candy.

Safari Zone
• Introducing our new custom Safari Zone plugin! For just $5000 coins, spend 20 minutes in our new Safari World. With over 8 biomes and *2 Exclusive VIP-Only* Biomes, we have rigged the entire landscape with Pixelmon Spawners to spawn all the Pokes you are looking for!

Custom Textured Spawns - Galarian Forms
• Using our ModPack on the latest version will give you our exclusive resource pack that will be used in the spawning of rare Galarian Form Textured Pokes! Every 30 minutes the server has a 5% chance of dropping one by your side! An announcement will be shot in chat when this happens, don't miss it!

• Plushies is a brand new plugin that introduces statue-like little Pokemon that can be destroyed and go in-and-out of your inventory like any other block! Use them for decoration around your house, or even troll other players with them! Purchase keys for these Plushies from the Store, or win them from Events hosted daily across both servers!

• PixelmonShowdown is finally here! Battle against others in any type-format you could ask for! Gain ELO when beating others and climb the leaderboards in the `/psd` command GUI! We plan to host events for battles at the top of the leaderboard and will give away prizes for it! Train while you can.

• Donors and Staff will now have custom in-game join messages with the addition of this new plugin. High ranked donors ranging from Diamond to SUPREME will have custom tags next to their names on login. High ranked staff will also have these custom tags as well.

• Our new PixelEvents plugin will be used to host Catching or Defeating events in a certain new build area of ours, staff will be hosting plenty of events with this plugin that will be fun for everyone! This plugin allows us to hold a race for who can reach the task at hand the quickest!

• Our new LevelTower plugin utilizes a new feature called Price-Per-Trainer that charges players per NPC battle for easy Poke leveling! There are 3 floors, and each floor charges more (see holograms on each floor) due to the leveling effects of fighting the trainer increasing as you climb up the floors! We have made use of our GIANT arceus tower and thrown in this fun little way of leveling.
There are now 2 types of clans: Casual and Competitive. All clans will default to being a Casual clan, however you can switch to a competitive clan using /clan switch (as the leader of the clan). Do note however, this does have a 7 day cooldown between switches. Below are what the two new types of clans can each do:

Casual Clans:
- May take part in fighting and taking clan gyms. - If you own the gym, you can set the clan 'task' for that gym by right clicking any NPC at the gym, here you may select a type of Pokemon for competitive clan members to catch to earn Pokemon. (3 Day Cooldown) - May not take part in clan wars.

Competitive Clans:

- May initiate clan wars using /clan declarewar (clan). - Winning clan wars grant Battle Points which can be used in the /rewards shop. - May complete clan tasks to earn profit. (Set by the owner of the gym) - Cannot take/battle gyms.

Clan Wars -- IMPORTANT

For details on how clan wars work, please click on the following link:

Elite4 also got buffed (alot).
(its about time.)

The /gyms GUI has been reworked and all GYM badges are now OBTAINABLE and CLICKABLE. Clicking the gym badges will teleport you to the corresponding Gym.

NPC Gyms now work up in a ladder system. This means there are level caps and requirements before you can jump to the next gym. There are now 3 NPCs that you must beat at each gym/gym town before being able to take on the GYM Leader. Consider it training!

**We are going to be working on tweaking rewards for these gyms. Don't be alarmed!
• /unbreed is now fully functional again.
• Shulker boxes have been fixed and re-enabled.
• The center of spawn has been correctly aligned. (not a bug, but it does bug people).

Donators within the last 30 days may open a support ticket in our discord with BuyCraft transaction ID (not PayPal) and we will get back to you.

Rank purchasers in the last 20 days can claim one-time items by opening up a support ticket.
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