Guide Blaze Gaming Pixelmon Pokeball Guide


Blaze Gaming Pixelmon Pokeball Guide

Introduction to Pokeballs

Welcome to the Pokeball Guide for Pixelmon!

During your gameplay there is a certain item that everything revolves around; The pokeball, a crucial item to start and continue your journey.

Pokeballs range from your everyday pokeball, to the rarer master balls and park balls.

Each Pokeball is different, carefully crafted and intended to do different things.

All the Different Types of Pokeballs and How to craft them!

In pixelmon, pokeballs are crafted in 3 parts, this guide will teach each part including, the disc the button and the base of the pokeball.

The Disc
Before learning how to make a disc, you need to know what apricorns are. Apricorns are found on apricorn trees, and they’re used to make all craftable Pokeball Discs.

Caption: Apricorn Tree, can be found in any biome and there are multiple colors. ( Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, White and Black )

You can’t craft pokeball discs with apricorns until you cook them, So don't forget to do that first. If you have a gold donor rank or higher, you should have /smelt which will smelt whatever items in your hand with a 3 minute cooldown, or you could just use your everyday furnace.


Side note: Coal can be bought in /shop > vanilla items > the 8th page ( block of coal ) or mined underground/ in caves.. A bucket of Lava also works to smelt things.

After you've cooked the apricorns, you can start making your discs. The crafting recipe of the disc depends on what you want to craft, you can pick any of the pokeballs to craft except for master, park and beast balls.

You’re going to need a crafting table, if you’re a silver rank or higher which you can purchase on our store, you have the /wb command which stands for workbench, it opens a crafting table automatically.


Put the cooked apricorns in a 3 by 1 row like so,


This will create a normal pokeball disc. To create other pokeball lids like ultra balls or great balls, use the pictures below as a reference.


Awesome, you now have your poke lid, it'll take you another step before you’re able to put it to use.

You will need to craft a pokemon anvil and hammer for this process. You can craft the hammer by using 8 iron ingots.

Side note: You can Mine Iron, or buy it in /shop > vanilla items > page 8


Side note: You can mine diamonds, or buy it in /shop > vanilla items > page 8

Remember that you can craft hammers like you can craft tools; Wood, Stone, Gold, Iron and Diamond.

Place the lid and start hammering it all the way until the lid manually drops a disc into your inventory, here’s your disc


The base ( Commonly called the disc as well )

Next, we have to make your base. The base is made with 3 iron, just like the lid.


Then hammer just as you did with the lid.

The Button

Almost done, now the last thing you need is stone. You get stone by smelting cobblestone or buying it in /shop.

After you have your stone, craft a button by doing like so,


Now, time to craft your pokeball, you combine all the items like this.


Now there you go, theres your pokeball!


Wailmer Pail ; An item that can help your apricorn trees grow quicker!
A wailmer pail will cause the tree to grow to the next stage.


Use it like this;


-do i need to be near apricorns for them to grow?

Nope! They’ll grow anyway.

-can i buy aluminum / iron?

Yes! From /shop you can buy most things. ( Also /warp shop)

-why can't I place anymore here??

There is a limit to 32 per chunk, you can see the chunk size by doing f3 and g

-Can I make a master ball?

No, that's uncraftable.

-What's the difference between x and x balls?

All pokeballs do something different. ( Refer back to the Pokeball efects spoiler )

-Can I make my apricorns grow quicker?

Yes, with a wailmer pail or bone meal which can be bought in /voteshop with your /vote points. To get vote points do /vote!


do not use pokeballs on a claimed area without entering a battle, the pokeball and pokemon will both despawn and you will not get them!

If your pokeball breaks, you can recraft it using the same recipe.