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Skull_Crusher05. I was banned from Blaze Gaming on Greek skyblock. I have been banned twice on the server but I talked to a mod and she got my bans cleared up because I was just starting and it was not anything that helped me out at all. I was banned by xxisyhP for a perm ban for being racist to an individual who joined the skyblock community. I was up at night with my miner minions all broken and I asked for the European time zone because that is what most mods are on and I was wondering when they would respond to my ticket. Someone from skyblock answered and said Idk i am Japanese. I proceeded to act racist towards this person and talk about dark history about WWll and I talked about the atomic bomb and other things that was clearly offensive and something that was extremely wrong. At that point of the conversation I took it as dark humor but as I look at it now I can tell that it is extremely offensive and it should not be taken as a joke whatsoever. People in the skyblock chat told me to stop and I proceeded to say another offensive idea. Looking back on what I did, I am very sorry for what I have done to that player and if I was in his shoes, then I would also be offended and I am very sorry about what I did because that should not be of how I am reflected. I am always nice to new people joining skyblock and if you look back on my text messages, then you can see that I try my hardest to help everyone out and I try to be the better person and help them out. I should've stopped when people in the chat were telling me to stop and I carried it on when I should not have. I am extremely sorry for what I have done that offended everyone that was involved and this doesn't show who I really am and the character I try to be. I realized what I have done and how wrong it was and I have waited a week before I respond with a ban appeal to show my dedication for this server and how this server is truly great and I love this server with a passion. What I did was very wrong and as I reflect on what I have done, I want to slap myself for not being someone who people look up to. I hope that I may login to this server once again and play with no more problems and I will never offend or hurt anyone again whether in this server or in real life.
Thank you for your time, Skull_Crusher05


Vanilla Manager
Vanilla Staff Team

We don't take lightly to any harassment of our players especially with the words that you used and the context of the whole situation that you were talking about. We do believe however that you are actually sorry and are willing to give you a second chance. This is however the final chance you will get and any bad behaviour after this will not be getting a light punishment.

You will remain banned for 2 further weeks from today. After this you will be muted and this mute will end when we think you can be trusted to interact with players on blaze in a respectful manner. Hopefully you can return to blaze and play with other players peacefully and without any issues.
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