Aqua + Inferno Reset



Dawn of a New Reset.

As you may have seen on our Discord server, our two Pixelmon servers, Aqua and Inferno, will be resetting today. This means that all progress will be reset; Pokemon, your Pokedex, all builds and the economy. Donor ranks will be remaining, as they have in past resets. If you need clarification on whether or not something will be staying, please contact a Staff Member on the Discord linked above. Our servers are usually reset once a year. This is done to repair the economy, implement new changes, and give newer players the opportunity to start at the same point as everyone else. If you'd like to know more about what changes are to come, read below!

These changes apply to both Inferno and Aqua, and are intended to be added either on reset or within the first few weeks.

New Features:
With this reset, we'll be bringing some new areas to explore and things to do! Including:

  • Updated Cratefall
  • Legend Pool
  • Ranch Block Rework
  • Modified Aqua Spawn
  • Player-Gym Island

Cratefall Changes

In the past, the randomly falling crates weren't particularly sought after. Those with fly or speed had a massive advantage over those who didn't, as chasing crates across the map was time consuming and often sniped last second by someone with a speed rank. These crates have been reworked entirely to remove the advantage and make it fair on all players by disabling speed for those who participate in the hunt. Rather than randomly spawning a few crates in the player world and having them glitch out when the servers restarted, only one crate will be active at a time.

By default, you are opted into crates. This means that when one spawns, if you have speed enabled it will be disabled until you either opt out or someone gets the crate. You can still use resources such as flying Pokemon or speed potions from /perks, however. As only one crate spawns at a time now, the rewards have been greatly buffed. If you want to find out what's inside, opt in and race to the first one you see!

Legend Pool

Legendpool is a new plugin which works as a combination between Wondertrade and Voteparty. By running the command, you'll put a legendary Pokemon into a pool. Once this pool is full, a random legendary will be spawned on someone who contributed to the pool. The more Pokemon you add, the greater your chances of getting the spawn on you! This legend can be anything, spawning in any biome, but it will only ever spawn on someone who contributed to the pool.

Ranch Block Rework

For every Pokedex rank you obtain, your ranch slots will increase to whatever the percentage is. Donor ranks also get extra ranches! This change was added in order to nerf breeding and hopefully open the market to more people and keep one single person from dominating sales.

Member - 5
Rookie - 10 (Obtained at 10% Dex.)
Adventurer - 30 (Obtained at 30% Dex.)
Collector - 40 (Obtained at 40% Dex.)
Specialist - 70 (Obtained at 70% Dex.)
Master - 100 (Obtained at 100% Dex.)

Bronze - 5
Silver - 10
Gold - 15
Diamond - 20
Alpha - 25
Supreme - 30

Aqua Spawn Redesign

The Aqua spawn of the last map was, while visually impressive, pretty hard to navigate. The layout was alright if you'd memorized it, but for new players or those coming from Inferno, it could be quite frustrating. Due to this, we've changed Aqua's spawn into a modified version of Inferno's! Here's a quick look at the Shrines warp. You can also see a teaser of the new statues at the top of this thread!


PlayerGym Implementation

As you may have seen in the sneak peeks channel of the discord, we've been working on a new area for everyone to explore, PlayerGym Island! As you've probably inferred from the name, PlayerGym Island is an Island that hosts various Gyms. The current gyms are maintained by NPC's, but the new gyms are a completely separate battling experience. Anyone on the server can apply to be a Gym Leader, and take on challengers while defending their position. More news will be announced on this topic later, so keep an eye on the discord announcements channel.

Gym List:
  • The Aether Gym
  • The Seafoam Gym
  • The Volcano Gym
  • The Corruption Gym
  • The Hive Gym
  • The Forest Gym
  • The Discipline Gym
  • The Buried Gym
  • The Glacial Gym

Players will be able to apply to become a Gym Leader via these fourms. The better you are at battling, the better your chance of getting your own Gym! Here's some images taken from the island. The Aether Gym, The City and The Discipline Gym.




Reset Sale
In celebration of reset, we'll be having a 20% sale on everything! What better time to buy a rank than the start of reset? We hope you all enjoy!
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