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  1. Fawks

    Official JURASSIC (Map 3) - 20TH MARCH 2021

    Today we're proud to announce our newest Jurassic Survival Map which will be releasing the 20th of March. This comes with a number of economy changes, a new spawn and many improvements over the previous map! Why are you resetting? We love the current map. Jurassic last reset on the 27th June...
  2. Fawks

    Official Skyblock (Map 8) | $1000 ISLAND TOP

    + GREEK SKYBLOCK: MAP 8 The management team at Blaze Gaming Vanilla is excited to announce the launch of Skyblock S8. This map is mostly a continuation from S7 with dozens of bug fixes and a few smaller features to keep you guys entertained. Skyblock S8 will be releasing on Sunday, 20th...
  3. Fawks

    Official EGYPT (Map 2) | $750 Cell TOP

    EGYPT: MAP 2 After our first Prison Map on Blaze Gaming we're excited to announce the release of our Second Map 2. This is mostly a continuation of our current feature set with major bug fixes. Egyptian Prison will be releasing on the 19th December @ 2PM EST. CELL TOP Similarly to...
  4. Fawks

    Official Skyblock (Map 7) | NEW CORE, BOOSTERS & MORE!

    GREEKSB: MAP 7 The Management team at Blaze Gaming Vanilla is excited to announce the launch of Skyblock S7. This map has been in the works since the beginning of S4 with some of the features we have planned to ensure they are implemented as smoothly as possible. Skyblock Season 7 will be...
  5. Fawks

    EGYPT (MAP 1) | $750 CELL TOP

    EGYPT: MAP 1 After months of planning, testing and development from the team over at Blaze Gaming Vanilla, Prison is (finally) ready to be opened to the public. This server is unlike any ever seen on Blaze Gaming before. Egyptian Prison will be releasing on the 24th October @ 2PM EST. I'd...
  6. Fawks

    Official Skyblock (Map 6) | 1.16, MISSIONS & MORE!

    Hey Greek Skyblock Players! We're excited to announce the launch of Skyblock S6: the successor to Season 5 which will be opening on Saturday, 3rd October @ 2PM EST. This thread will be detailing everything which has changed on Blaze Skyblock for the new map; Make sure you read the entire...
  7. Fawks

    Official SKYBLOCK (Map 5) | $1100 Island TOP

    Hey Skyblockers! We're excited to announce the launch of Skyblock S5: the successor to our beloved S4 Map which will be opening on Saturday, 22nd August @ 2PM EST. The last map of Skyblock was a huge success. Not only have we increased our average playercount significantly, we have had a huge...
  8. Fawks

    Official Survival (Map 2) | INTRODUCING JURASSIC SURVIVAL

    27TH JUNE @ 2PM EST Introducing Jurassic Survival Hey Survival Classic (now Jurassic) players! It's been a while since we've pushed an update for Survival; and we know, the content updates have been lacking. However; today we are proud to announce the release of our brand new re brand of...
  9. Fawks

    Jurassic Survival Survival Classic Reset Suggestions

    Hey Survival Players! As Mojang has just released the Minecraft 1.16 Pre-Release 4 Post, they have given an approximate date for 1.16 being released. While we will not update on the 1.16 release date (There will most likely be some plugin incompatibilities or bugs) We aim to get Survival Reset...
  10. Fawks


    Survival Players: The wait is over! The long-awaited /warp markets update for our Survival Classic Server is (finally) ready for release - admittedly, Survival has seen its fair share of neglect over the last few weeks with the development of Skyblock S2/3. Fear not! I am personally looking to...
  11. Fawks

    Official SKYBLOCK (Map 3) | $1000 ISLAND TOP COMPETITION

    Today the management team is ready to unveil the newest chapter of our Skyblock server with many new features, changes and events to run! Based on Last maps experience, we have carefully planned a large number of changes and new mini games for our players to enjoy. Make sure to read the entire...
  12. Fawks

    Survival Essential Maintenance (27/04/2020) UNTIL (29/04/2020)

    As sent on Discord: SURVIVAL SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE: (27/04/2020) UNTIL (29/04/2020) Hey Classic Survival players! Survival Classic will be going into whitelist for two consecutive days for some scheduled maintenance on the server files and worlds. While this downtime is not ideal, it is...
  13. Fawks


    Introduction Today marks a new point in Blaze Gaming History. Not just any point in history, but the release of SKYBLOCK SEASON TWO! Based on the feedback from Season 1, The Management team has been hard at work preparing this new season for everyone. Island TOP Competition (1000 USD)...