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  1. niels2006

    just chilling here :)

    just chilling here :)
  2. niels2006

    wym with pixel>vanila?

    wym with pixel>vanila?
  3. niels2006

    Prison Backpacks

    i like where this is going
  4. niels2006

    Jurassic Survival drowned spawns

    hi i cant peachfully build underwater without like 10 drowned chacing me then when they despawn they come back so so fast and thats very enoying
  5. niels2006

    so lonley here :)

    this is a bit empty
  6. niels2006

    jamming some music

    jamming some music
  7. niels2006

    sub plots?

    i got this idea of sub plot because if u claim your land you u maby want to rent a certain part of it to some one we cant now. so what if there is like a command that you can do that lets you choose the 2 corners of the subplot (1 on lowest point 2cnd on the highest point ) that way the area in...
  8. niels2006

    Declined Staff Application

    builder ap has diff format
  9. niels2006

    Helper application

    Format What is your IGN? What is your Discord? What is your age? What is your Timezone? When did you first join Blaze Gaming Vanilla servers? What server do you mostly play on Blaze Gaming Vanilla? Why are you applying to be a staff member for Blaze Gaming Vanilla? What makes you different...
  10. niels2006

    remove bucket stack?

    hi me and a few others dont realy like the bucket stack mechanice because some times it can be very buggy can this prehaps be removed?
  11. niels2006


    i notiched that alot of people know that chat race is every 10 min and because of that they are waiting with chat open and do not give others a chance is there a way chat race is made random instead of every 10 min
  12. niels2006


    hi i saw that on the skyblock they have lots of events and chance to win money is there a change to have a competition for like best rated claim or richest claimed area etc.
  13. niels2006

    Contact me via forums

    Hey if u want to contact me via discord you cant because I got kicked and cant get in my discord account
  14. niels2006

    Jurassic Survival chat messages

    (i posted ad the wrong one this is the right place) are they able to make chat anouncements smaller because if i get one it takes over half of my screen
  15. niels2006

    Jurassic Survival Silk touch spawner

    but there has to be a cool down for like 1 spawner per day
  16. niels2006


    are they able to make the chat anounce ments smaller cus it takes over half my screen
  17. niels2006

    Approved builder apply #niels2006

    1) In-Game Name (IGN) niels2006 2) Discord Contact niels rooiman #1025 <---- 3) What timezone are you playing on? utc 4) How many hours per week do you play on our community servers? about 15 5) Do you have any past experience as builder for a server or team? ive been a builder with a...