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    Vanilla Ban Appeal

    Hello, We don't take lightly to any harassment of our players especially with the words that you used and the context of the whole situation that you were talking about. We do believe however that you are actually sorry and are willing to give you a second chance. This is however the final...
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    SKYBLOCK MAP 9 ($1000 Island Top)

    GREEK SKYBLOCK: MAP 9 Blaze vanilla is excited to announce the release of Skyblock map 9, with many completely reworked features and concepts that blaze is home to you are sure to enjoy the many updates we have added as well as a whole host of quality of life changes to make your experience...
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    Staff Application

    You're not getting staff
  4. Terminated

    Death's App

    hey dj striker denied
  5. Terminated

    Staff Application Dref

    Thanks for the application but we need a correct ign for you to apply for staff. Denied
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    Skyblock Greek Future

    In terms of broken missions, the difference this time is that our staff members have a protocol now to report these as bugs and I will go through every reported one and fix it individually, even after a ticket is closed after a skip its being logged now when before it wasnt. Using staff members...
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    Skyblock Greek Future

    Realistically here's what I take from this. I get you're annoyed and it may be a surprise but I am just as frustrated as you when things cant be the way we want them. There are just too many constraints to make things perfect all at once. Before this season missions not working was not...
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    Jurassic Survival Item Shop

    We dont want to just make the game too simple and there are plenty of nether builds and structures to take these materials from. It just requires a bit of effort ;)
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    Jurassic Survival Fix Smokers

    I believe you're on the wrong minecraft version. Please join with 1.16.2 or higher
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    Skyblock Greek Claiming rewards in Skyblock

    This isnt possible at the current time
  11. Terminated

    Jurassic Survival Backpacks and datapack.

    Backpacks is a really good suggestion that I would love to add, moving to pending. It wont be through the use of data packs but I do think this would be a great addition!
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    Skyblock Greek Make time choosing buyable in /is upgrades

    The day cycle is enabled so you can wait for night time for your farms to work. I do plan on implementing a setting to change the time but it would be strictly personal time just for looks and wouldn't be for farms to work etc as that is not possible without setting the global time and some...
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    Skyblock Greek Change to /is top competition

    Unfortunately it is a team game and this exact way will never be the case, there are however other things that impact island top greatly such as island missions which are easier depending on your island's size
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    Skyblock S4 Changelog (Week 3)

    Greetings Skyblock Players! We are now at the midpoint of the competitive Skyblock experience and you may be wondering what happened to the changelog last week? Well after moderating things that were going on in skyblock we felt that releasing a changelog just for the sake of it wouldn't do...
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    Skyblock S4 Changelog (Week 1)

    Greetings Skyblock Players! The first week of the new Skyblock season sure has been hectic, with teams fighting to complete all the island missions as quick as possible as well as a fair few relaxing, quietly confident about their ability to come out on top. While that has been going on, we...
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    Jurassic Survival Enable death messages

    Hey, thanks for the suggestion! We have implemented this to go live on the next survival reboot. Thanks again!
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    The moment Skyblock S3 Opened we thought "this is great, but how can we make it better?" and from that point on it was our mission to make Skyblock S4 the most enjoyable experience yet; with over six weeks of planning, custom development and hundreds of hours put in by the Blaze Vanilla team...