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    Prison Backpacks

    So in regards to the backpacks in prisons, the max a player can have is 35 of them (with pickaxe in your inv) and so they can have a total of 120,960 slots. I know for some people including me, this only gets them so far and within a few seconds their inventory will be full. Nobody has a max...
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    Jurassic Survival Legendary Keys

    So I was looking at the difference between rare and legendary keys, and from what I saw, rare keys are better than legendary keys. I was wondering if maybe the legendary keys could get a buff of some sort like maybe add some special spawners that are only obtainable through that crate or maybe...
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    Jurassic Survival Zombie Villagers

    Hey. so I have noticed that zombifying villagers is disabled, and I was wondering if it could be turned, on seeing as it is a big part of normal survival villager trading. Thanks. -xSimplicity
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    Jurassic Survival Nether portal

    My farm relies on mobs being able to pass through the nether portal into the overworld, but this feature seems to be blocked. Is there anyway it can be opened? Thank you. -xSimplicity
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    Prison Prestige mines

    An idea I had for prisons, would be to implement a prestige mine. Maybe for every 5-10 prestige’s you get, a higher tier mine would be unlocked. This would make it so not every prestige needed a new mine, and so that not just donor rank people have a special mine. This would add more incentive...
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    Approved Staff Application

    IGN xSimplicity What is your Discord? xSimplicity#0170 What is your age? 13 What is your Timezone? EST (Eastern Standard Time) When did you first join Blaze Gaming Vanilla servers? I started 2nd skyblock season in the middle, so about the beginning of April What server do you mostly...
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    Declined Helper application

    Okay I will, thank you for the feedback
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    Declined Helper application

    IGN) xSimplicity Discord contact) xSimplicity#0170 How would you handle two arguing players using that are disrupting the peace?) I would first attempt to deescalate the argument by asking the players what is wrong and trying to reason with them both. If this didn't work, I would warn the...