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  1. Batswillfly

    Pixelmon New ban appeal from Mjevric23

    Ban appeal Accepted. Your ban has been reduced to 7 days and 1mil has been removed from your balance. If you repeat these actions again a permanent ban will return.
  2. Batswillfly

    Pixelmon vChubbz Ban Appeal

    Ban appeal Accepted. Your ban has been reduced to 7 days, this is your last chance, any repeat offenses will result in a permanent ban once again.
  3. Batswillfly

    Pixelmon Ban appeal

    Ban appeal Accepted. As you are no longer linked to any alt accounts. For future reference please don't use these free alt generators, it will cause more issues.
  4. Batswillfly

    Pixelmon ban appeal

    Ban appeal Denied. Racism is not acceptable on our servers.
  5. Batswillfly

    Pixelmon Ban Appeal

    Ban appeal Denied. The severity of the comments you said are unacceptable, and we believe you need to learn from these actions further.
  6. Batswillfly

    Pixelmon Pixelmon Ban Appeal- WingedHERO_YT

    Ban appeal Accepted. As we don't believe you are linked to the other account.
  7. Batswillfly

    Pixelmon GLiTcHiN_O_u_T Suspension Appeal

    Ban appeal Denied. As you pointed out, you do not meet the criteria to appeal this ban. When the ban runs out and you can re join, please refrain from doing this again.
  8. Batswillfly

    Pixelmon Ban Appeal

    Ban appeal Accepted. Was a misunderstanding as you flagged for banned alts, obviously as said above, if this happens again please make a ticket in the discord!
  9. Batswillfly

    Pixelmon Chasegirl07 event idea

    Essentially king of the hill? We're looking to implement more events soon, will move this to pending and keep in mind, thank you for the suggestion :D
  10. Batswillfly

    Pixelmon OpenGUI Issues (Openbox, Shop) *Bug Fixes*

    Removed openbox from donor commands list moving to pending about the shop gui issues
  11. Batswillfly

    Pixelmon Filling Orb In Pixelmon

    Killing wild pokemon is the best way, as you have to run around and be active, if you could defeat trainers as points, you can stand still and fight npc trainers at warps etc. Suggestion denied
  12. Batswillfly

    Pixelmon Please make ptr better

    More rewards can be added in the future, moving to accepted
  13. Batswillfly

    Pixelmon Vote Shop Rubies

    Moving to pending, looking to implement soon
  14. Batswillfly

    Pixelmon Remove priority moves from evtraining

    This should be done, if you notice any more like this, please make a ticket in our discord so we can promptly fix!
  15. Batswillfly

    Pixelmon End claiming

    you can throw your pokemon at other pokemon in someone elses claims and it starts a battle, so there shouldn't be an issue moved to accepted
  16. Batswillfly

    Pixelmon Pokemon themed build battle.

    We've had building competitions in the past, and i'm sure we'll host some more in the future, stay tuned! moved to accepted
  17. Batswillfly

    Pixelmon new command if possible

    Interesting suggestion, will look into the possibility, moved to pending
  18. Batswillfly

    Pixelmon update pricelist

    As pricelist is no longer enforced, suggestion denied
  19. Batswillfly

    Pixelmon Mjevric23's Ban appeal

    Ban appeal Denied. As you don't meet criteria this ban is denied. Also if you read the ban reason, it says to DM milo31100. Criteria for appealing: Your punishment must be permanent or longer than two weeks You must have carried out your punishment for at least three consecutive days before...