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    Vanilla & Pixel > ;)

    Vanilla & Pixel > ;)
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    Vanilla > Pixel :P

    Vanilla > Pixel :P
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    Jurassic Survival drowned spawns

    you can light up the underground with sea lanters/glowstone to prevent spawns
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    Jurassic Survival Claim chunks

    With the /ranks, I believe one of the higher ranks should be allowed to have lands with more than 50 chunks. Someone with Brachiosaurus or Diplodocus ranks have shown their commitment to playing the server through the time spent to grind for the ranks (20+ million dollars:oops:). So I think...
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    hi chain?

    hi chain?
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    Jurassic Survival Add Honey items to /shop

    i'd like to see honey blocks added to the redstone section of /shop
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    Jurassic Survival Pvp for Jurassic

    There is usually a lack of pvp in Jurassic survival. Most people either stay on their claims or have /pvptoggled in fear that a pvp encounter will result in the loss of their materials. If a /warp pvp or a command in with you can challenge someone to a duel with preset kits would allow players...
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    Trying to figure what to build next on Jurassic :D

    Trying to figure what to build next on Jurassic :D
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    Jurassic Survival Changing the Difficulty

    In the Jurassic Survival Server, the difficulty is on easy mode. Many of the active players would prefer the difficulty be changed to normal, as easy modes prohibits or reduces many vanilla features such as spawn rates. Several Vanilla feature which will improve if the difficulty is changed to...
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    Jurassic Survival Survival Classic Reset Suggestions

    Change the combat to 1.8. This would allow fights to be less loot based and gives players with lower quality loot a chance to win, as 1.8 requires actual skill rather than just critting out an opponent.
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    Jurassic Survival Survival Classic Reset Suggestions

    Yeah I like the idea for public warps, but players should buy warps by using in-game money so that there will be more uses for money. Staff should set the warps due to the chance of players setting up tp-killing areas by using such warps.
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    posting a new suggestion :D

    posting a new suggestion :D
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    Discord adding a #buildings thread to the survival discord section

    Adding a "builds" thread to the discord would allow the community of survival/sky-block to post their creations. Other members of the community could share their accomplishments and get feedback on them. As one of the discord rules is to be respectful, nothing harmful would be said and the...
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    Jurassic Survival Adding a token shop

    Adding a token shop to Classic survival would be beneficial for all players, as there isn't a use for them as of now. I've seen many new players ask "what are tokens for" as you gain them through playing vanilla minecraft and increasing your mcmmo skills such as mining, archery, etc. On other...