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    Jurassic Survival PVP Status

    Thanks for your suggestion! I have enabled /pvptoggle list which indicates all members who have enabled and disabled PVP on survival whilst they are online. This should help you to find out easier! Suggestion Accepted
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    Pixelmon Syban's return

    See attached Ban appeal denied
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    Skyblock Greek New feature

    Unfortunately this is a Minecraft gameplay mechanic and it will not be made removable at this time, and we cannot make it "stationary". Suggestion Denied
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    Official JURASSIC (Map 3) - 20TH MARCH 2021

    Today we're proud to announce our newest Jurassic Survival Map which will be releasing the 20th of March. This comes with a number of economy changes, a new spawn and many improvements over the previous map! Why are you resetting? We love the current map. Jurassic last reset on the 27th June...
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    Skyblock Greek Black Jack

    We have decided not to implement any more Gambling minigames on our Vanilla Servers. Moving this to denied.
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    Jurassic Survival suggestion thread -Tag

    Suggestion Denied. We do not create tags based on user request.
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    Jurassic Survival Towny add-on?

    Suggestion Denied We will not be adding towny-like functionality to the server as we already have "Lands" and "Claims" available. You can utilise these to prevent certain people building in certain places and such. Towny is not something you can just "add in" to a server, and it's not...
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    Jurassic Survival Community

    Suggestion Denied Unfortunately, this is not something we will be adding because if you want to build, do it in the survival world.
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    Jurassic Survival Collectors

    This is already a thing on Survival known as Smart Collectors! You can get yourself by typing /smarthopper in game. suggestion denied. Thanks for contributing!
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    Jurassic Survival Claim blocks

    Unfortunately, due to constraints with the plugin this is not possible. Suggestion denied
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    Jurassic Survival Store Jurassic Survival

    Moved to Pending I'm currently working on improving the Stores and this should be done in the next week!
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    Jurassic Survival Chat Announcements

    Unfortunately, we will not be adding Ban Announcements to any of our servers as they are private on a per-player basis. Suggestion Denied
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    Declined Zeph The Maid

    Application Declined After review we have decided not to peruse this application further. If you'd like to reapply, please do so after two weeks have passed.
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    Vanilla Ban Appeal

    Hello @S0ggyT0e, I have reduced your ban to 7 days as this was an exploit we have been aware of for some time but never fixed. 7 Days from this message you will be unbanned from Blaze Gaming!