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Skyblock S4 Changelog (Week 3)

Greetings Skyblock Players!

We are now at the midpoint of the competitive Skyblock experience and you may be wondering what happened to the changelog last week? Well after moderating things that were going on in skyblock we felt that releasing a changelog just for the sake of it wouldn't do anyone any good and honestly, we were happy with the state of skyblock. This thread's main focus is some new stuff rather than changes; there will also be a summary of all the changes and minor bug fixes pushed throughout the last week in case anyone missed them! This is what you have to look forward to after the reboot today:

  • August Monthly Crate
  • New Tags
  • Bug fixes, QOL and nerfs
August Monthly crate

This promises to have the loot all of you have been needing to gear up for the rest of the skyblock season. Packed with some of the new things being introduced as well as a LOT of goodies that may help your progression on those pesky scrolls and missions!

Grab one for yourself at

New Tags

This week we will be introducing a number of new tags into the tokenshop, these will not only be limited time but also may cost a little bit more than usual for that added exclusivity ;)

Bugs QOL and Nerfs

Through the week we have seen several "META" strategies start to develop. We aren't here to stop them but we feel that it is necessary to ensure a stable rest of the season if we slightly adjust a few things. The changes are as follows

  • Pigmen drops were slightly nerfed in the weeks
  • endermite drops were slightly buffed in the weeks
  • mystery man has been updated with some new price ranges and new items to be more balanced

Thanks for an awesome first half of the season!

Skyblock S4 Changelog (Week 1)

Greetings Skyblock Players!

The first week of the new Skyblock season sure has been hectic, with teams fighting to complete all the island missions as quick as possible as well as a fair few relaxing, quietly confident about their ability to come out on top. While that has been going on, we have been keeping a close and watchful eye on everyone and have decided that at each weekend we will be releasing changes and possibly new features. This will not interfere with island top as it will happen after the winners are announced each week. The changes will be live from the reboot following final island top calculation for that week; there will also be a summary of all the changes and minor bug fixes pushed throughout the last week in case anyone missed them! This is what you have to look forward to after the reboot today:

  • Introduction of proper crop hoppers (allowing certain farms to be built)
  • A buff to minions such as the farmer, fisher and lumberjack
  • Increased sell price for ALL crops
  • New Tags and other Token Shop changes
  • Bug fixes, QOL and nerfs
Crop Hoppers

These have replaced the old chunk collectors in the hoppershop (/hshop). They act in a very similar way, offering the ability to pick up a type of crop in a whole chunk as soon as it is harvested. Some examples are below

Minion Changes

From what we saw, farms have made a comeback in skyblock, though they are still not where we would like them to be and we feel that farmer minions as well as fisher and lumberjack are in need of a buff! From the reboot you can enjoy increased catch rates on fish and a much larger farming area for your farmer minions (max level being 12x12x12 radius!

Shop Changes

With regard to the minion changes above, we have decided to make some changes to shop prices. The changes are as follows:

Cocoa Beans: $3.5 -> $4
Netherwart: $3.5 -> $5
Sugarcane: $5 -> $7.5
Melon: $6.5 -> $10
Pumpkin: $6.5 -> $10
Wheat: $2 -> $3.5
Brown Mushroom: $2 -> $7.5
Red Mushroom: $2 -> $7.5
Carrot: $3 -> $4
Potato: $3 -> $4
Beetroot: $3 -> $4
Kelp: $1.5 -> $5.5

New Tags & Token Shop




The moment Skyblock S3 Opened we thought "this is great, but how can we make it better?" and from that point on it was our mission to make Skyblock S4 the most enjoyable experience yet; with over six weeks of planning, custom development and hundreds of hours put in by the Blaze Vanilla team collectively, we are ready to unveil our latest offerings to you guys - based on your feedback!

Make sure to read the whole thread to not miss out on the important stuff, such as:

  • Increased Island TOP Payouts
  • New Features, including: PvP Changes, Casino changes, End release & much, much more
  • Rule changes
  • Events scheduled for next map

Please ensure you read the entire thread, as we have changed some rules listed below. For clarity, Auto clickers are no longer allowed on Skyblock and is now a bannable offence in ALL circumstances. (This includes AFK Mining, however, Alts can still be used to AFK Farms or spawners as long as it does not include autoclickers OR macros)

Skyblock Greek, Lag and Versions

Something which has been incredibly prominent on Blaze Skyblock is lag; we've had hundreds of messages of people giving their "two-cents" on how to fix lag on Skyblock Greek, that the management team is "lazy" and "can't be bothered" to fix lag, and a multitude of other things. I would like to address with Skyblock S4 the reasoning behind "lag" on Skyblock.

There is three main types of lag; Ping, TPS and hardware:
  • Ping - Where your connection to the server is not fast enough and you're not receiving responses quick enough (A lot of people will claim this is the servers' fault, when it infact isn't)
  • Hardware - Where something may take a few seconds to load in - For example, the server startup sequence taking a few moments is due to the hardware not loading it fast enough
  • TPS (Ticks Per Second) - Minecraft works on something called "Ticks" to keep time, there's 20 ticks in a second and the tick speed can slow when there is a large task happening - Such as a huge array of pistons setting off at once (Each piston takes up a % of tick, and the more % it takes up means it takes longer to execute a single tick, meaning the Ticks per second drops).

After moving to 1.13 we were experience a large drop in "Ticks Per Second" - The original plan for Skyblock S2 was to move to 1.12.2 - a much more stable version of minecraft, but due to ill-advice we were mistaken into thinking that 1.13 would have been a much better solution; we were wrong.

We had two choices; to downgrade further to 1.12.2 - something which we decided was not an option, or back to 1.15.2. It's official: Blaze Skyblock will be moving back up to 1.15.2 allowing 1.15.2 mobs and blocks to be used. While this is not 1.16 and is not the most updated, 1.16 is currently out of our scope for Skyblock due to its pending lag problems. While...

Inferno and Aqua Reset


Today the management team is ready to unveil the newest chapter of our Pixelmon servers. On July 4th, 2020 we will be officially resetting Inferno and Aqua. What does this mean for the players of Inferno and Aqua? All progress including Pokemon, Pokedex, economy and builds will be reset. However, donor ranks will remain coming into the new reset. Some of you may be wondering why Terra and Storm will remain the same. This is mainly because these servers are rather new. However, we will be implementing many new features and changes. Make sure to keep reading for all the important info, this one is a long one!

These changes only apply for the Inferno and Aqua servers unless specifically mentioned.


New Features:

Alongside these reset, we will be implementing many new and improved feature including:
  • Brand New Spawn
  • Event Island
  • Dynamic Map
Brand New Spawns:
Having the same Spawn areas on each server for a long time has made us think of ways to make each individual server stand out for itself. With this in mind, each server will receive a unique and customized spawn.



Event Island:
With the vast amount of events taking place across our servers, we’ve decided to bring all these events to one place! You can explore the island to find yourself battling Pokemon and trainers, visiting the different events we have to offer and you might even come across some of Pokemon's infamous champions.


Dynamic Map:
We are introducing a Dynamic Map on our website to allow for people to view the world, it's progress and where players are located during this map. Not only does this give you a chance to see the world before release, but also to scout out nether fortresses, end cities and much, much more! When this thread is released, our map is available from the following URL from this announcement today:

Inferno Map:
Aqua Map:


Economic Changes:
With this coming reset, we’ve decided to completely overhaul the economy across all FOUR servers. What this means is, starting 4th of July, there will be new and improved money making methods providing a...




Introducing Jurassic Survival

Hey Survival Classic (now Jurassic) players!

It's been a while since we've pushed an update for Survival; and we know, the content updates have been lacking. However; today we are proud to announce the release of our brand new re brand of Survival!

To fit in with our theme across Blaze Vanilla, we have decided to rename Survival and give it a complete overhaul of it's colour scheme, ranks and features! This thread will tell you all of the details regarding this new reset and a new map!

Survival and Minecraft Release 1.16

We ultimately decided that Survival will be resetting on 1.15.2 until 1.16 is stable for servers and the plugins we run have updated and could take a few weeks to do so. In order to ensure that 1.16 is released as soon as possible on Survival, we will be conducting the following:

  • Regenerating the Nether before closing for our maintenance
  • keeping the community updated with new features until it is viable (and after - we have huge features coming on a bi-weekly basis!)
  • Taking as much community feedback as we can to improve the server and keep it updated as often as possible. We suggest joining our discord and signing up to Survival updates for frequent updates

We understand the problem with releasing just after a new version has released but we aim to update as soon as possible and will update you all as soon as possible!

Map Information, custom overworld and Dynamic map

Our Maps have been given borders, with the following sizes:

  • Overworld - 50,000 x 50,000 (25,000 from 0,0)
  • Nether - 6,250 x 6,250 (3125 from 0,0)
  • End - 10,000 x 10,000 (5,000 from 0,0)
When 1.16 is released on Survival the Nether will be resetting. DO NOT build too much in there as you will lose all progress when we update.

When we update a much larger nether world will be generated in its place

Custom Overworld

We are introducing a custom world to the survival server! Instead of the normal (boring) minecraft world it includes new structures and land formations, such as:





These biomes will give a new and exciting feel to our Survival server, want to check out the world before release? Read about our Dynamic Map

Dynamic Server Map

We are introducing a Dynamic Map on our website to allow for people to view the world, it's progress and where players are located during this map. Not only does this give you a chance to see the world before we release, but to scout out...

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