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Vanilla Update

Over the past few months vanilla has definitely not been given the attention it deserves by us. This is for a lot of reasons, but this isn't the time for excuses, so we have decided to act and now we will present you with a lot of necessary changes and updates going across the whole of vanilla over the next week. That being survival and Skyblock.

As a first note for both servers: The spooky season is just around the corner so we took the liberty to introduce when these updates go live a Halloween themed spawn area for both servers!


Take a look below:








1.17 Update

Survival is somewhere that lots of people have builds and whole empires that they will cherish forever. We plan to keep this and improve upon it by allowing access to all of the new 1.17 content that released during the summer for the game. Survival WILL NOT be resetting for this update! This will allow you to keep everything you've spent so long working for and make nice additions with the new content that the 1.17. Read below to see other details of major survival changes made!


Survival had cluescrolls introduced quite a long time ago now but the implementation by mass opinion is that it was generally poor. Quests weren't very interesting, there were pointless things and stupidly hard things with the rewards being extremely nerfed and not proportional to the challenge in any way. Another issue is that cluescrolls were randomly put anywhere so players have an excess of them. Due to this we decided to completely overhaul the entire cluescrolls implementation. See below the new names and look:




These scrolls include more quests than ever before seen, more exciting riddles to solve and finding a cluescrolls in a crate or out in the wilderness will not just be a horrible thing anymore because they give amazing prizes for all to enjoy.

This change is good but it does mean that all current cluescrolls will no longer be...

Aqua + Inferno Reset


Dawn of a New Reset.

As you may have seen on our Discord server, our two Pixelmon servers, Aqua and Inferno, will be resetting today. This means that all progress will be reset; Pokemon, your Pokedex, all builds and the economy. Donor ranks will be remaining, as they have in past resets. If you need clarification on whether or not something will be staying, please contact a Staff Member on the Discord linked above. Our servers are usually reset once a year. This is done to repair the economy, implement new changes, and give newer players the opportunity to start at the same point as everyone else. If you'd like to know more about what changes are to come, read below!

These changes apply to both Inferno and Aqua, and are intended to be added either on reset or within the first few weeks.

New Features:
With this reset, we'll be bringing some new areas to explore and things to do! Including:

  • Updated Cratefall
  • Legend Pool
  • Ranch Block Rework
  • Modified Aqua Spawn
  • Player-Gym Island

Cratefall Changes

In the past, the randomly falling crates weren't particularly sought after. Those with fly or speed had a massive advantage over those who didn't, as chasing crates across the map was time consuming and often sniped last second by someone with a speed rank. These crates have been reworked entirely to remove the advantage and make it fair on all players by disabling speed for those who participate in the hunt. Rather than randomly spawning a few crates in the player world and having them glitch out when the servers restarted, only one crate will be active at a time.

By default, you are opted into crates. This means that when one spawns, if you have speed enabled it will be disabled until you either opt out or someone gets the crate. You can still use resources such as flying Pokemon or speed potions from /perks, however. As only one crate spawns at a time now, the rewards have been greatly buffed. If you want to find out what's inside, opt in and race to the first one you see!

Legend Pool

Legendpool is a new plugin which works as a combination between Wondertrade and Voteparty. By running the command, you'll put a legendary Pokemon into a pool. Once this pool is full, a random legendary will be spawned on someone who contributed to the pool. The more Pokemon you add, the greater your chances of getting the spawn on you! This legend can be anything, spawning in any biome, but it will only ever spawn on someone who contributed to the pool.

Ranch Block Rework

For every Pokedex rank you obtain, your ranch slots will increase to whatever the percentage is. Donor ranks also get extra ranches! This change was added in order to nerf breeding and hopefully open the market to more people and keep one...


Hello Blaze Skyblockers!

Blaze Skyblock has run for over 10 seasons of it's Skyblock Greek now and in that time we've learned a whole lot about the community, the player base as well as what it is to run an entertaining and fun server for everyone to enjoy. You may have noticed over the past few months that Skyblock has gradually been moving towards a much less competitive game-play style.

For us this started many months ago with the belief that especially when money is on the line it causes some less desirable behaviour in the community as well as causes not so competitive players to have less fun overall due to the toxicity of it all. The current Skyblock season is at around the halfway point now and season 11 will still run its course as planned and promised, but as for the future. Blaze will be innovating new systems for players to have fun playing the Skyblock that they love and striving to better themselves without the toxicity and without causing distress for anyone.

Blaze will cease all in-game -> real life payouts on the 26th of June 2021 which is the final step for us in terms of transitioning to a more enjoyable, casual experience with many unique and loved features that we can easily build upon; especially the already huge part that PvE plays in our game-play compared to PvP and competition.

We hope that all of you understand this decision and the thought process behind it. It has been a long journey with skyblock but I assure you we have big plans for the summer which is nearly upon us and no shortage of ideas to diversify, improve and excel in a gamemode that so many love :)

Keep an eye on for more updates regarding this and how to get involved with many many upcoming events and giveaways!




Blaze vanilla is excited to announce the release of Skyblock map 11, this release has a plethora of new features, updates and fixes for everyone to enjoy as well as some changes to core gameplay mechanics that have been in use for a long time! Skyblock S11 will be releasing on Saturday, 8th May @ 2PM EST.



Skyblock season 11 will be staying as an 8 week length map, meaning the same 7 payouts as S10. As we continue to add more content and features we feel that we can expand this time even more though bringing a better experience for everyone :)

McMMO Top has been increased to be paid out 3 times instead of twice to a total of 15$ buycraft instead of 10$

Payout Dates

  • 15/05/2021 --> Island Top Payout 1
  • 22/05/2021 --> Island Top Payout 2
  • 29/05/2021 --> Island Top Payout 3
  • 05/06/2021 --> Island Top Payout 4
  • 12/06/2021 --> Island Top Payout 5
  • 19/06/2021 --> Island Top Payout 6
  • 26/06/2021 --> Island Top Payout 7

  • 15/05/2021 --> Achievement Top Payout 1
  • 22/05/2021 --> Achievement Top Payout 2
  • 29/05/2021 --> Achievement Top Payout 3
  • 05/06/2021 --> Achievement Top Payout 4
  • 12/06/2021 --> Achievement Top Payout 5
  • 19/06/2021 --> Achievement Top Payout 6
  • 26/06/2021 --> Achievement Top Payout 7

  • 22/05/2021 --> MCMMO TOP Payout 1
  • 05/06/2021 --> MCMMO TOP Payout 2
  • 19/06/2021 --> MCMMO TOP Payout 3

Weekly Payouts
  • 1st. $45 Paypal and $35 Buycraft
  • 2nd. $25 Paypal and $15 Buycraft
  • 3rd. $10 Paypal and $10 Buycraft
  • 4th. $10 Buycraft
  • 5th. $5 Buycraft
  • Achievement Top #1. $5 Buycraft
  • Mcmmo Top #1. $5 Buycraft
Total Payouts
  • 1st. $315 Paypal and $245 Buycraft
  • 2nd. $175 Paypal and $105 Buycraft
  • 3rd. $70 Paypal and $70 Buycraft
  • 4th. $70 Buycraft
  • 5th. $35 Buycraft
  • Achievement Top #1. $35 Buycraft
  • /mctop #1. 15$ Buycraft

Total: $1135

The IS-TOP Competition will end on 26th June 2021. All Islands which set their /is setpaypal and/or their /is setdiscord automatically agree to the following rules listed here and are hereby entered for the competition:


Brand new /warp PvP and /warp PvE

We have had the same pvp and pve arena since the concept was first introduced to blaze skyblock and while it was a place to fight mobs and other players decently, we thought we would take it to a whole new level and get the whole thing remade. As you can see with the pictures below we aren't...

JURASSIC (Map 3) - 20TH MARCH 2021
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Today we're proud to announce our newest Jurassic Survival Map which will be releasing the 20th of March. This comes with a number of economy changes, a new spawn and many improvements over the previous map!

Why are you resetting? We love the current map.

Jurassic last reset on the 27th June 2020 - Almost ten months ago! That's ten months of playing on the same world. Not only does it get boring playing on the same world for so long, but the economy of Survival is destroyed beyond repair. We believe that this was enough to warrant a reset on its own, however we also have to consider 1.17's release. We previously said that our next reset would be on 1.17's release, but with the last reset being 10 months ago and with 1.17 looking to be viable to run on servers in a minimum of 6-7 months, we have decided in the end to cut the map short to run a proper 1.16.5 map for 6-7 months.

There is also a more technical side of things when it comes to Survival, which I have left in a spoiler below for anybody interested:

There is also a plethora of other reasons for this reset from a Development point of view: the three main ones being Entities, Codebases and 1.17 - which I will be going over briefly in this spoiler.

Survival was not developed by Myself and the current Development team. Even when we reset back in June, it still used a proportionally large amount of the old codebase (minus a few things physically blocking new features) which we have phased out over time (for example, old Crate Keys was not written by us, so it was re-written a few months ago to phase them out). However, this comes with many complications with having to support older infrastructure and newer infrastructure simultaneously, which as a team we cannot handle. While Skyblock has had the old infrastructure phased out completely - being replaced with a brand new custom core built for our needs, Survival has remained on the same base which existed in March last year and has been stuck on that.

Another issue with the current Survival setup is it was written for 1.15.2 - while it has mostly been updated there are some developmental gaps which are now being filled with this reset. The World (which is around about 150GB in size) caused us huge issues when moving to 1.16.1, and we then had a corruption scare (which would've resulted in over a days downtime) when moving to 1.16.5 earlier in the year for better optimizations. This reset means 1.15.2 code no longer exists, and the server is completely ready for a 1.16.5 map. With this, we have implemented "BlazeCommons" (which is already on Survival, just to a lesser extent) which houses a lot of our code in one plugin rather than multiple (Survivals new Map now has decreased in plugin count by around 20).

However, our largest issue in regards to Survival is Entities and Spawners. This...

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